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Buttock Augmentation with Installment–purchase Programs

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Buttock augmentation with the installment-purchase program – the buttock augmentation service is becoming more and more popular in Viet Nam and it is a great solution for those who are not confident in their shape. The buttock augmentation service has become milder and simpler than before thanks to modern technology. And the installment-purchase plans have helped given the customers to undergo buttock augmentation without worrying about the price.

What is buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is a form of buttock makeover that is performed to adjust the shape of the butt area by using the filler for fat grafting techniques. This method involves transferring fat from other parts of your body such as the waist to the buttock to make it plumper. However, this method cannot improve the loose or drooping skin at the buttock areas.

Many customers are preferring to the buttock augmentation for the final result looks more natural than other methods (implant or buttock filler). This method also contains fewer potential risks of infections for using autologous fat instead of artificial materials.

Why should you undergo buttock augmentation?

The shape and proportion of the buttock are determined by genetics, both bone structure and fat accumulation function influence the lower part of your body. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help the body and muscles to be healthier and fitter, but many people are still not satisfied with their slim shapes of the buttock.

The buttock augmentation surgery can help improve the genetic influence by reshaping the buttock and the surrounding areas such as the waist, lower back, and thighs. You should consider undergoing buttock augmentation for the following reasons:

  • Reshaping the lower parts of your body.
  • Reduce the fat accumulations at the hip areas and make the buttock plumper.
  • Make you confident in any kind of clothes.
  • Make the buttock plumper and younger.
  • Make your lower parts of your body well-proportioned with the upper parts.
Endoscopic Buttock Augmentation
Endoscopic Buttock Augmentation

The buttock augmentation procedure

The buttock augmentation procedure is performed at cosmetic hospitals for facilities. During the procedure, you will go into a coma and not feel any pain or discomfort thanks to the effects of the general anesthesia.

A flexible tube called a urinary catheter will be used to collect urine from the bladder. Your feet will be put in compression boots, this technique is to prevent blood clots during and after the surgery.

During the procedure. The plastic surgeon will make a small incision along the lower back and hips. The excess skin below the incision will be tightened to lift the buttock. all the excess skin and fat will be taken away by the doctor. Antibiotics will be used during the whole surgery. The procedure usually lasts for 2 – 5 hours.

After the buttock augmentation procedure, the incision will be closed. One or more drain pipes will be put below the wound and near the incision to drain all the excess blood and liquid.

The healthcare team will help you walk on the following day to prevent the formation of blood clots.

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Why should you make an installment-purchase plan for buttock augmentation?

1. Low expenses

This is a wise choice for people whose fairly low financial status. This is quite similar to the installment-purchase plans for buying smartphones. You don’t have to spend lots of money, but you can divide it into small periodical charges. This is also the financial support policy of cosmetic facilities for their customers.

2. Various options

If you used to choose the cheapest service, then you can choose any cosmetic services that are appropriate to your health. Keep in mind that no investment is as valuable as an investment in health.

Places offer installment-purchase programs for buttock augmentation

If you do not know where to have a prestigious and high-quality buttock augmentation service, you must visit Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. At Gangwhoo, we are proud to be the pioneer in the cosmetic field – buttock augmentation service in Viet Nam with the latest technology for our customers. Women in a developed society have the right to be more beautiful in the eyes of men and others.

  • First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong has more than 15 years of experience in the cosmetic field, he used to be trained and work in abroad countries such as Korea.
  • Doctors, nurses are highly qualified and trained strictly in the cosmetic field with only one goal – to ensure safety and satisfaction for the customers.
  • Warranty and commitment policy ensures to solve any post-operative issues.
  • State-of-the-art machinery system and facilities approved by the Ministry of Health for the customers.
  • Gangwhoo offers dozen of installment-purchase plans for the customers.
Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Address:: 576 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

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