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BSSO Underbite Treatment – For A Perfect Smile Again

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BSSO underbite treatment is an effective method to correct protruding teeth due to the influence of overdeveloped jawbone, which adversely affects facial aesthetics and chewing function of the jaw. By applying BSSO unnderbite treatment soon, it will help you to have a well-balanced face and become more confident.
BSSO Underbite Treatment
BSSO Underbite Treatment

What is underbite?

Underbite is a condition in which the lower jaw grows excessively and forwards, causing the lower and upper jaw to be out of balance, making the face unbalanced.

The causes of underbite

The cause of underbite may be inherited from parents right from birth or due to the habits of tongue thrusting, thumb sucking … gradually forming a teeth protruding condition, or it may also be due to strong trauma to the lower jaw.

Regardless of the cause, the underbite condition directly affects the chewing function of the jaw and the overall facial aesthetic, making people suffering from this condition become shy and lack confidence.

BSSO underbite treatment

BSSO underbite treatment is a surgical method that involves cutting the lower jaw bone and pushing it back so that the bite joint coincides with the upper jaw bone, making the face more symmetrical.

Depending on each case and the severity of underbite, the doctor will decide to perform lower jaw surgery or both upper and lower jaw surgery:

  • Mild underbite: Apply the BSSO method to surgically cut the lower jaw bone and push it back to realign the bite joint, then fix the jawbone with a brace to shape the jawbone.
  • Severe underbite: Simultaneous application of mandibular osteotomy, apply BSSO to push back the lower jawbone and maxillary osteotomy, pulling the upper jawbone forward with Lefort 1 to realign the bite joinnt.

Who should have BSSO underbite treatment?

For those who have underbite conditions that cannot be completely treated by braces, so BSSO treatment is considered a quick and effective treatment method to correct the lower jawbone:

  • Those who have overdeveloped lower jawbone that deviated from the upper jawbone.
  • Those who have a protruding lower jawbone and teeth.
  • Those who have unaligned bite joints.

The advantages of BSSO underbite treatment

BSSO underbite treatment only needs to be performed once, which can bring good results and ensure the customers’ safety.

Quick and highly effective

With only one surgery applying BSSO underbite treatment, which restructures the lower jawbone, realigns the bite joint, and ensures normal chewing function. The facial aesthetic is also significantly improved.

Customers can preview the expected result

Before surgery, the customer will be able to see the expected result that has been generated by applying advanced 3D technology to help customers preview the results and their new faces.

Painless and safe surgery

Thanks to our latest anesthesia technology, during the surgery, the customer will not feel pain or discomfort. The surgery will be carried out extremely quickly and safely. In addition, Gangwhoo has talented and experienced doctors who can ensure the customers’ safety and health without any complications after the surgery.

Quick recovery and no scars

The incision is made inside the oral cavity, so there will not be any scars or any signs of cosmetic traces. The incision will heal quickly and the jawbone and face will stabilize within just a month after surgery.

Long-lasting result

The BSSO underbite treatment is not only quick, safe, and effective but it also brings stable, long-term, even lifelong results to the jawbone and to the customer’s face.

BSSO underbite treatment procedure

Step 1: Examination of the lower jawbone

The doctor will conduct an examination of the condition of the customer’s jawbone and conducts X-rays to accurately identify the structure of the jawbone, the cause, and the impact on the face.

Step 2: Analyze and make a treatment regimen

After understanding the customer’s condition, the doctor will analyze and make a detailed and suitable treatment regimen. Then, the customer can also preview the results of their surgery through images generated by 3D technology.

Step 3: General health check

The customer must undergo a general health check to determine whether they are qualified for the surgery or not.

Step 4: Oral hygiene and anesthesia

The customer will have careful oral hygiene to remove the harmful agents that can enter the blood during the surgery.

Before the surgery, the customer will be anesthetized to ensure they will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Step 5: Start the underbite surgery

Depending on the customer’s condition, the doctor will apply the BSSO underbite treatment method or combine the BSSO underbite treatment with the Lefort maxillary treatment method.

After removing the jawbone and realign it to a suitable position, the doctor will fix the jawbone and close the incision. The surgery will last from 2 – 4 hours.

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Step 6: Post-operative care

After the surgery, the customer will rest for 1 day at the hospital for further monitoring. During this time, the customer will be taken care of carefully.

Underbite treatment price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Service Price (VND) Discounted price

Cleft Chin Creation


Gummy Smile Treatment


Korea Implant Genioplasty


USA Implant Genioplasty


Nasolabial Folds Augmentation


Cheek Augmentation


Forehead Augmentation


Temple Augmentation


Zygoma Reduction Plasty

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V-line Maxillofacial Trim


Malocclusion Treatment

65 – 75.000.000

Large Piercing Hole Treatment


Dimple Creation One Side


Dimple Creation On Both Side


Lip Reduction – Lip Shaping (1 lip)


Heart Lip Shaping


Wrinkle Removal, Facial Makeover


Images of our customers before & after BSSO underbite treatment

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