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What Is A Broken Nose and How to Fix It?

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It can be said that the nose is the most important feature of the face. This means that having a broken nose can be a problematic thing. So what is a broken nose? Can it be fixed? These questions will be answered in the image below!

What is a broken nose?

A broken nose is a type of nose shape with the dorsum being fluctuated as it is not straight but rather goes up and down, causing the nose to look unstable.

Aesthetically, whether you look at the nose from the side or at the front row seat, the broken nose still causes asymmetry.

Almost everyone who has a broken nose belongs to one of the three categories:

  • Crooked/Deviated nose: The dorsum of the nose is shifted to one side.
  • Saddle nose: The dorsum of the nose is indented.
  • Humped nose: A dorsum of the nose has a hump that protrudes.

What are the cases of a broken nose?

There are many reasons behind a broken nose. Some are congenital, whereas others are caused by external force or failed rhinoplasty.


It can be said that Congenital is the reason that many people have a damaged nose. It can be due to the dorsum being broken or other abnormal health problems during the formation of the fetus. There is no proof that the severity is passed on by genetic.


Nose bone in particular or any other bone structure in the body, in general, can be broken or even severed when being impacted by a tremendous external force.

You should be aware that nose bone being damaged or broken by accident is very difficult to be restored fully.

Failed rhinoplasty

Although this reason is only accounted for a very small proportion of the total picture, it is still a wake-up call for anyone with the intention to have rhinoplasty at a low-quality facility. This can cause lots of harm and problems as the nose can be crooked and asymmetrical.

Mũi gãy là như thế nào? Dấu hiệu nhận biết mũi gãy?
What is a broken nose? How to know if you have it?

Fortune telling for people with a broken nose

People with broken nose tends to have similar fortune and love life.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Women with broken noses


They are introverts who live in their own safe zone with little to no connection or relationship. A part of this is caused by their insecurity about their look, making them less open to other people.


Girls with broken noses tend to be separated from other people, receiving little to no help. No matter how hard they try, the final result is never up to their expectation.


Their love lives are not smooth. In addition, girls with damaged noses usually have deteriorated health when they are old.

Men with broken noses


Any man with a broken nose tends to only think for themselves as they are selfish. They are also very arrogant and jealous of other people, making their relationships terrible.


Fortune tellers believe that these people suffer lots of hardship. All that they do tends to end up badly.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí


The marriage of the men with broken noses is not harmonious. Fights break out often. If they don’t know how to control themselves, separation is inevitable.Mũi Gãy Là Mũi Như Thế Nào? Làm Sao Khắc Phục?

What is a broken nose and how to deal with it

Will a broken nose affect your health?

Realistically, people with a broken or humped nose can have respiratory problems. In addition, studies also show that the chance of them having sinusitis or asthma is 32% higher than normal people.

People with a damaged nose can also suffer from fluid leakage, snoring, nose bleed, etc. Depending on the severity of the hump that the condition can worsen.

How to have a naturally beautiful nose in just 60 minutes

Can you fix a broken nose? Here is the answer from cosmetic surgeons at Gangwhoo:

“A broken nose is not easy to be fixed as the problem lies within the bone structure (the cartilage of the nose or dorsum). Only with advanced bone correction technology and the latest rhinoplasty service can the nose be straightened.”

  • You will enter a CT Scanner to have your nose pictures taken. The doctors will then determine the length, width, etc. of the nose.
  • The cosmetic surgeons will use a bone fixing tool to grind the humped part, restructure the dorsum of the nose, then lift it using artificial material.
What is a broken nose and how to fix it
What is a broken nose and how to fix it

Why should you fix your broken nose at Gangwhoo?

Gangwhoo plastic surgery center is one of the first facilities to have a department for nose makeovers that is up to Korean standards, ensuring all the cases of nose jobs are done safely and effectively.

Specialized in treating broken, crooked, or humped nose

All the cases of broken noses can be improved, restructured, or reshaped to ensure that the result afterward will be beautiful and perfect.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Even cases of complex nose damage or failed rhinoplasty in many places can still be redeemed at Gangwhoo plastic surgery center.

Apply the latest rhinoplasty technology

Gangwhoo plastic surgery center is one of the pioneering facilities in applying the 4.0 technology and the 3D image simulation technology in broken nose surgery and other nose makeovers.

  • 3D technology: Simulate the 3D image of the result after the broken nose surgery.
  • Bone correction equipment: Assist the doctors in grinding the bone without leaving any residue.
  • CT Scanner: Take images of the nose bone to provide detailed measurements of the nose structure, ensuring that the surgeons will cut the bone correctly.

A team of experts in rhinoplasty

At Gangwhoo, damaged nose surgery is done by experienced cosmetic surgeons who are fully certified. Their expertise and training will definitely help you to get rid of your hump successfully, giving you a natural and beautiful result without affecting your health.

Long-term warranty

Gangwhoo plastic surgery center offers a long-term or even permanent warranty for clients who undergo rhinoplasty/nose revision.

Gangwhoo plastic surgery center is proud to be a place to help you to take care of your nose shape, especially in the case of a crooked nose. Come to Gangwhoo, you will never have to worry about any facial disfigure anymore.

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