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How Much Is Breast Liposuction?

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You are planning to have breast liposuction but you do not know how effective this technology is. Please refer to the following article to better understand this amazing technology.


It is a bit different from liposuction of the abdomen, back, biceps, or calves… Breast liposuction is, understandably, a cosmetic method applied to make the size of the breasts slimmer and firmer after only one procedure. The doctor will make a small incision in the areola to remove excess fat in the breast area. In addition, the incision’s location will depend on each customer’s condition.

Breast liposuction through the areola method is often applied to common cases. If the excess fat is overly excess, the doctor will perform surgery through the armpit incision.

Breast Liposuction
Breast Liposuction


Breast liposuction is a method applied to those who have oversized breasts and women who have sagging breasts after giving birth – without diseases or medical history conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hemophilia

According to studies, women with oversized breasts often experience certain difficulties such as neck pain and back pain, and often feel uncomfortable when doing exercise, sports, or moving…

That is why, besides liposuction of the thighs, back, etc., breast liposuction is also one of the most chosen services of women.


In fact, breast liposuction is a popular beauty service, the procedure of breast liposuction nowadays might be different at other facilities. It depends on each facility and the liposuction method such as Lipo Ultrasound, Lipo Matic, Laser Lipo…

However, according to Dr. Park Sung Yong (working at Ganwghoo Cosmetic Hospital), all steps of breast liposuction at reputable facilities will be as follows:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The customer will have a direct examination and consultation with a doctor who will inspect the excess accumulation in the chest area. At the same time, the doctor will calculate and determine the amount of fat that needs to be removed and suggest the most effective breast liposuction technology.

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Step 2: General health check

Breast liposuction is also a major surgery method, so before undergoing liposuction, the customer will have a general health check including an ultrasound, breast test, drug reaction…

Step 3: Anesthesia

The doctor will perform general or local anesthesia to ensure a safe and effective surgery.

Step 4: Breast liposuction surgery

The customer will undergo liposuction in the closed sterile operating room. Specifically, the doctor will apply ultrasound technology to liquefy and soften hard fatty tissues and remove liquefied fat from the body with specialized medical equipment. Thereby ensuring no fat reaccumulation.

Step 5: Post-operative care

After the surgery, the customer will rest in the postoperative room and be cared for by the nurses at the hospital. When the customer’s health is stable, the doctor will instruct them on how to do self-care and suitable diets and schedule follow-up visits as well as medicines for the customer.


The price of breast liposuction will depend on the service quality and technology of each cosmetic facility.

Normally, the price will range from 40 to 300 million VND. And certainly, customers’ safety cannot be ensured if they have breast liposuction at a cheaper price because liposuction is a complicated major surgical service. It always requires high-quality equipment and highly qualified doctors.

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In fact, the self-care plan after breast liposuction is not complicated or difficult, but it plays a big role in the success of breast liposuction as well as how long the new body shape will last. After successful breast liposuction, you need to keep in mind:

– Clean the liposuction area thoroughly and disinfect it with cotton. Also, you need to take the medicine exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

– Use medical cotton to absorb fluid and regularly change the dressing so that the liposuction area stays hygienic. When the body fluid has stopped leaking completely, change the bandage so that the open wound heals quickly.

– Apply cold and warm compresses to prevent inflammation and swelling. Warm compresses are effective to enhance blood circulation in the chest and regenerate cells. Thereby speeding up the recovery process.

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– After breast liposuction, you need to avoid intense exercises or heavy work – which has a direct impact on the liposuction area. However, you should also do light exercises such as walking… to help recover well and shorten the recovery time.

– Getting enough sleep (8 hours/day) will help recover better. At the same time, you need to avoid overstressing yourself.

– After breast liposuction, to avoid allergies, pus, and discharge… you need to absolutely avoid foods such as water spinach, sticky rice, chicken, beef, seafood, alcohol, and tobacco… for about 1 month after liposuction.

– Besides avoiding food that can cause fat reaccumulation, you also need to avoid eating canned foods, greasy foods, fried foods, carbonated drinks, and bubble tea … and limit starch such as rice, vermicelli, pho, instant noodles, bread…

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– In addition, you also need to supplement your body with protein-rich foods such as fish, pork, fresh milk, vegetables, fruits, and vegetables… to recover better.

– Make sure to take the correct dose of medication at the right time and remember the doctor’s follow-up visit schedules. Thereby helping you avoid unwanted risks and achieve the best result.


1. Is breast liposuction dangerous?

Whether breast liposuction is dangerous or not depends on many factors including the liposuction technology you choose, the skill of the doctor, the equipment well as the post-operative self-care plan…

Therefore, to ensure the best result after undergoing breast liposuction, you need to choose a reputable and quality cosmetic facility to have beauty services.

2. Is breast liposuction painful?

It also depends on the liposuction technology and cosmetic facility you choose whether breast liposuction is painful or not

3. Does breast liposuction leave any scars?

The liposuction method you choose determines whether it can leave scars or not.

If you want to ensure there will be no scars after breast liposuction, you can check out the High-tech Liposuction technology – Lipo Ultrasound of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.


Speaking of the most advanced liposuction technique nowadays, we cannot fail to mention the top-quality and extremely safe liposuction method – Lipo Ultrasound – Korean liposuction technology at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Over the years, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has been proud to offer the most advanced liposuction technology to thousands of customers every year. All of our customers are satisfied with the services at Gangwhoo.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, customers will have the opportunity to experience international standard beauty services by the most highly qualified doctors in the beauty industry. We also greatly invest in state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment. Annually, our doctors are invited to attend international conferences, research, and scientific publications on aesthetics in countries such as the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Korea…

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about our breast liposuction service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance from our specialists!

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