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Does breast augmentation reduce longevity?

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Does endoscopic breast augmentation reduce longevity of the patient? Will non-surgical breast augmentation reduce longevity? 

As we all know, breast augmentation is the makeover choice of many women nowadays as it can make the ladies become more attractive and confident with its aesthetic results. However, some believe that breast augmentation will reduce the longevity of the patient. Is this true? Let’s find out together in the article below!

Does breast augmentation reduce longevity?
Does breast augmentation reduce longevity?

Will endoscopic breast augmentation reduce longevity?

During an endoscopic breast augmentation procedure, the surgeons will create incisions at the armpits or the in-breast folds to form entrances for implant placement, allowing the breasts to become bigger.

However, same as any surgery, pain is inevitable. For that reason, the doctors will sedate the patient prior to the surgery to ensure the cosmetic procedure goes according to plan. This raises the concern of many women as the use of anesthetic can affect the health and the longevity of a person.

Experts stated that before being applied by so many cosmetic hospitals, the breast lift technique has to go through multiple quality assessments to ensure that the procedure will not cause any negative impacts on the customer’s health.

In addition, breast implants are made from durable material and are certified by many health organizations to be safe for the body. Up until this point, there has been NO evidence or proof that a breast lift or breast augmentation reduce longevity and health. Therefore, you can rest assured that endoscopic breast augmentation will not affect your condition in any way.

Nâng ngực nội soi không làm ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe và tuổi thọ
Endoscopic breast augmentation does not affect longevity.

Does non-surgical breast augmentation reduce longevity?

Non-surgical breast augmentation is a procedure in which filler is injected into the breasts to “refill” them. Filler is a common name for a group of dense fluid contains Calcium or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that is widely used in plastic surgery all over the world.

Filler has the same composition as natural acid inside of the human body. Therefore, it has a 90% compatibility rate with the person, making it safe for use without causing any allergy or swelling.

Many cosmetic experts believe that the ideas of non-surgical breast augmentation reduce longevity is farfetched as there has not been any scientific evidence about this. The only proof that we have is breast augmentation will make the breast look better, not affecting the longevity of the patient.

France aesthetic surgery society had done their studies and suggest that breast implants can make the breasts bigger, increasing the sensation at the area next adjacent to the material up to 90 – 100%. This condition occurs on many.

For the reasons above, breast augmentation, regardless of surgical or non-surgical, is perfectly safe for the body and will not impact longevity as many believed. The only downside is that breast filler injection will not last as long as breast surgery for implant placement.

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Have your breast augmentation done at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

As stated above, your longevity will not be reduced regardless of the technique you chose to have. However, you will need to seek out a prestigious facility to guarantee your safety.

Speaking of a reputable cosmetic center, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital might be the name that you have heard of. You can place your trust in the hospital for the following reasons.

  • Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a renowned facility in makeover services, including breast augmentation.
  • The doctors at the hospital are well-trained, experienced, and skillful with training in foreign countries.
  • The services at the hospital are considered to be dedicated and supportive.
  • The hospital offers a long-term warranty for your results.
  • The facility guarantees reasonable prices with major discounts.

Breast augmentation results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

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nang nguc line x 3

nang nguc line x 1

nang nguc 3 1

nang nguc line

nang nguc 1 2

nang nguc 4

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nang nguc 1 1

nang nguc 6

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 1

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 3

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 4

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 6

Final words

With the information we provided, we hope that you now have the answer to whether breast augmentation reduce longevity. Remember, there are many different methods for you to choose to enhance your breasts and regain your youth.

Regardless of the procedures that you decided to have at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you can rest assured that they would only be applied after passing a tremendous amount of assessments. A reputable facility is the key to achieve your desired breast sizes without worrying about the side effects.

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