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5 Things You Need To Know About Blind Pimples Therapy With BHA

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Blind pimples therapy with BHA is becoming overwhelmingly popular recently amount skincare lovers. This blind pimples therapy procedure is known to have outstanding results in a short period of time. But what is BHA and how effective is blind pimples therapy with BHA? The article below will give you a detailed answer to your questions.

What is BHA?

BHA is the abbreviation for Beta Hydroxyl Acid, a substance that is proven to be effective in skin therapy. BHA has many different positive impacts like preventing bacteria, exfoliating, removing sebaceous and dirt, deep cleaning, and unclogging the pores.

For acne therapy, the most well-known type of BHA is salicylic acid. Therefore, this substance tends to exist inside a variety of skincare products for acne therapy in general and blind pimples therapy in particular. Some of them that can be listed are facial cleanser, toner, serum, face exfoliator, etc.

The concentration of BHA should be around 0.5 – 2% for maximum effectiveness.

Blind Pimples Therapy With BHA
Blind Pimples Therapy With BHA

The outstanding benefits of blind pimples therapy with BHA

Blind pimples are what cause the skin to be rough and irritating. Although they are not dangerous, they can develop into other types of acne conditions like pimples, nodules, papules, etc. with long-term effects like pitted scars and dark spots.

Nowadays, many have tried and certified the effectiveness of blind pimples therapy with BHA as it can improve the facial appearance in a short amount of time. The benefits of BHA are listed below:

Unclog and minimize the pores

BHA can deeply cleanse the pores, taking away the sebaceous, dead cells, and dirt – the main reasons causing blind pimples.

In addition, BHA can also minimize follicles effectively. As we all know, large pores not only cause the skin to lose its smoothness but also create the perfect environment for pimples to form and grow.

Therefore, by unclogging and minimizing the follicles, blind pimples’ condition will be greatly subsided.


Bacteria attacking the skin is one of the reasons causing acne conditions to be more complicated. Bacteria can intrude the skin through many different means, from the air, stuff that touches our face, and our face touching habit as well.

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Using BHA will help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and prevent inflammation. In other words, using BHA will protect the skin from foreign ance-causing elements, preventing pimples from appearing and reappearing.

Remove dead cells

Another wonderful benefit of BHA in blind pimples therapy that we must mention is removing dead cells. By exfoliating, the skin and the pores will be unclogged, preventing it from having pimples.

In short, blind pimples therapy with BHA is an amazing technique that you should try and witness the result.

How to make good use of blind pimples therapy with BHA

Blind pimples therapy with BHA is a wonderful method of skincare when you know how to do it properly. This is also applied to all other skincare techniques as well. So how do you make good use of blind pimples therapy with BHA?

When you first use BHA, you should only use them 3 times a week as your skin is not familiar with this substance being used on it. You should give it 1 day between each session to allow the skin to adapt to it.

After 2 weeks of using blind pimples therapy with BHA, your skin is now gotten used to this substance, meaning that you can use it every day from this point forward to hasten the treatment and improve the effectiveness.

For the best blind pimples therapy with BHA, you should use the product 2 times a day, with one when you wake up and the other before going to bed. Here are the details:

In the morning

Facial cleanser => Toner => BHA => Moisturizer => Sunscreen

At Night:

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Makeup removal => Facial cleanser =>  Toner => BHA => Serum => Night moisturizer

Skincare routines with BHA
Skincare routines with BHA

BHA Some notices when having blind pimples therapy with BHA

Although the blind pimples therapy process with BHA can be quite complicated it can treat acne conditions quickly and effectively. Here are some notices that you must keep in mind when trying out this method:

Understanding the difference between PURGING and BREAK OUT

Purging and break out are the 2 terms got mentioned frequently when we use BHA to push the blind pimples.

“Purging” is known as the process of pushing the blind pimples, making you think that your condition is worsened. However, this is a completely normal phenomenon when using BHA.

When pushing the blind pimples up, your skin will appear to have more pimples than usual. During this state, you need to maintain careful skincare, or else the pushed pimples will worsen and turn into inflammation. Once you get over this period, you can see that your skin condition is much better.

“Break out” is when the skin is allergic to BHA. During this time, the skin will become extremely sensitive, red, and itchy. This can affect the skin greatly and cause more pimples to show up. A unique thing about “break out” is that pimples will appear at places that never have them before, making the face looks much worse.

Substances that should not be used with BHA

These are the substances that you must never use with BHA to get the best result:

  • Retinol: is a vitamin A acid extract that can exfoliate the skin just like BHA. However, its pH level is different from the other, making it easier to get allergies when using both of them.
  • Vitamin C: using vitamin C with BHA will increase the chance of skin allergies and sunlight sensitivity.
Result of blind pimples therapy with BHA
Result of blind pimples therapy with BHA

How long do you have to undergo blind pimples therapy with BHA?

Although this is a quick procedure, the amount of time you need to spend doing this will be based on your skin condition. You need to remember that when using BHA for blind pimples therapy, your skin will have 3 types of reaction:

  • Reaction number 1: The skin does not push the blind pimples up. BHA will only work as an exfoliator.
  • Reaction number 2: The skin has pimples that appear immediately after the first usage.
  • Reaction number 3: The skin has pimples that appear 2 – 3 weeks of using BHA.

The reactions above will only different during the first state of using BHA. Normally, the period of blind pimples pushing will only last from week number 2 – 6, reaching its maximum at 3 months. After that is acne and dark spots therapy.

Final words

Blind pimples therapy is proven to be very effective in treating and preventing blind pimples from reappearing in a short amount of time. Therefore, you should consider your acne therapy regimen when consulting a dermatologist. If you still have any questions, you can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for an immediate answer!

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