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Biological Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty – The Top Technology From Korea

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Biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty is one of the most advanced and latest rhinoplasty techniques in the world. In Vietnam, customers can experience this amazing technique at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. So what is biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty? How much is biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty? Please refer to the article below!

The biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty method can bring customers the most flawless and safest result. This is considered the most complicated and advanced rhinoplasty method nowadays, giving a perfect nose shape and improving all the nose defects that can last for a long time compared to other traditional rhinoplasty methods. Please follow the following article to learn more about this new rhinoplasty technology.
What is Biological Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty? Korean Rhinoplasty Technology
What is Biological Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty? Korean Rhinoplasty Technology

What is biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty?

Nowadays, the rib cartilage rhinoplasty methods often involve using artificial cartilage and autologous rib cartilage to reshape the nose structure. Specifically, the doctor shall use artificial cartilage to raise 2/3 of the nose bridge, then the doctor will use autologous rib cartilage to raise the remaining 1/3 of the nose structure and enhance the nose columella.

However, biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty is a completely different method. The great achievement of this method is that the doctor will use biological artificial cartilage to restructure 100% of the nose and bring the most flawless nose shape.

Biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty is a method in which the doctor will not use autologous rib cartilage, but instead, the doctor will use biological artificial rib cartilage to raise 100% of the nose bridge, enhance the nose columella, restructure the nose shape and give the most natural and delicate S line / L line nose shape.

Therefore, it means that customers will not need another surgery on the ribs to get autologous cartilage or feel any pain in the chest and abdomen area…

In addition, the biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty technique can also help recover damaged noses due to repeated nose surgery, lack of cartilage, nose deformed by trauma… This method is extremely safe and effective.

What is Nano biological rib cartilage?

  • Nano biological artificial cartilage is designed based on the autologous rib cartilage, manufactured by Implantech & Poriferous LLC USA.
  • It is a semi-biological ePTFE and Polyethylene material, the micro-nano structure allows tissue and blood vessels to grow through, so it can integrate with the body like autologous cartilage.
  • Nano biological cartilage is a super lightweight cartilage material. The cartilage is 100% made of ePTFE material and highly biocompatible Polyethylene. No rejection reaction compared to silicone material, customers will feel light, comfortable, and natural after rhinoplasty.
  • Nano cartilage is highly compatible with the body without any risks of irritation or capsular contracture after undergoing rhinoplasty.
  • Enhancing the nose columella, preventing any risks of nose deviation after rhinoplasty, giving the most natural and flexible nose shape after rhinoplasty.
  • Before undergoing biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty, customers shall not need to undergo surgery to take rib cartilage for rhinoplasty. Thanks to it, customers will not have to endure the pain caused by rib cartilage surgery.
  • Neno biological rib cartilage also has an outstanding advantage compared to autologous rib cartilage, which is that it is not destroyed and deformed after a long time.
Nose revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
Nose revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Benefits of biological rib cartilage

Flawless and perfect nose shape

Undergoing biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty can overcome all the nose defects such as low nose bridge, rough nose tip, upturned nose, saddle nose… Customers will have a more delicate, beautiful, and natural nose shape than ever before.

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Fewer incisions required

With biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty, the doctor shall only make an incision in the nose area to restructure the nose. No incisions will be made to remove autologous cartilage.

High compatibility

The biological rib cartilage is highly compatible with the body, preventing the risks of allergy or rejection reaction. Biological cartilage is light, soft, and easy to be formed without any risks of nose deviation.

Prevent the risks of unwanted complications

The biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty technique not only brings the most flawless nose shape with a slim nose tip but also prevents the risks of complications such as crooked nose, dropped nose bridge, and red nose tip.

Permanent result

Biological rib cartilage is highly compatible with the body, which is constructed with millions of micro-holes to help blood vessels circulate through the cartilage. Thereby making the new nose shape stay beautiful for a long time.

Who should have biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty?

  • Nose with defects such as low nose, saddle nose, crooked nose…
  • Those who lack autologous cartilage due to repeated cartilage surgeries for nose surgery.
  • Those who do not want to have additional cartilage surgery.
  • Those who underwent repeated nose surgeries without being satisfied with the result.
Nano Biological Cartilage Rhinoplasty Can Overcome All Nose Defects
Nano Biological Cartilage Rhinoplasty Can Overcome All Nose Defects

The biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty procedure

Step 1: Examination and consultation

This is a very important step before any surgery. The doctor shall examine the nose condition and defects, then determine the most suitable rhinoplasty method.

Step 2: General health check

The customer shall have a general health check before undergoing biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty to ensure a safe and successful surgery.

Step 3: Measurement for a new nose shape

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To give a perfect nose shape, the doctor shall apply 3D simulation technology to calculate a new and suitable nose shape for the customer.

Step 4: Disinfection and local anesthesia

The nose will be disinfected carefully to ensure the customer’s safety, then the doctor will numb the nose area with local anesthesia, making the customer feel comfortable during the rhinoplasty surgery.

Step 5: Start the rhinoplasty surgery

The doctor shall gently dissect and implant the biological cartilage to form a new nose shape.

Step 6: Post-operative care

After the surgery, the customer must stay at the hospital for at least 2 hours for further health monitoring, then the customer can go home. The customer will also be instructed by the nurses to have self-care to have the best result.

Deformed nose shape revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
Deformed nose shape revision at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

How much is biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty?

Biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty with an extra of 20 million VND for the cartilage material + rhinoplasty customers choose.

Click the button below to see the discounted price list for rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital


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How to care for your nose after undergoing biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty

To ensure the best result and flawless nose shape, customers must remember the following self-care notes:

  • During the first 5 – 7 days after rhinoplasty, customers must wear a nose splint, which will be removed after suture removal. Customers must return to the hospital for suture removal. Avoid cutting the suture at home.
  • Take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Supplement health and body resistance with fruit juices, iron-rich food, protein-rich food… such as orange juice, carrot juice…
  • Avoid laying on the side during the first 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Avoid wearing glasses during the 1st month.
  • Avoid traumas, strong impact, and avoid playing sports during the first few weeks after rhinoplasty.
  • Take the following check-up as scheduled by the doctor.

FAQs about biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty

Is it safe?

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we constantly update and apply the latest rhinoplasty techniques with outstanding advantages to give the most flawless nose shape compared to other rhinoplasty techniques. 

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we conduct rhinoplasty using biological cartilage from USA and Korea to ensure no unwanted complications after surgery.

Nano biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty

How long for customers to recover after biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty?

The recovery process after biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty depends on each customer’s health condition. The recovery process normally takes about 7 – 10 days. However, it will take at least 1 month for the nose to heal and get in shape.

Successful damaged nose revision
Successful damaged nose revision

Will there be any potential risk in the future?

After surgery, the nose area may be runny, slightly swollen, and mildly painful, which is a normal phenomenon. And these signs will disappear and the nose shape will begin to become more natural if you take good care of it.

After 1 month, when the new nose shape is more stable, you can have normal activities. In the long run, you also need to have a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and take good care of your nose to ensure no complications in the future.

In short, undergoing this rhinoplasty method shall not affect the daily activities in the future if you take good care of their nose and follow the doctor’s instructions.

How long does it take for customers to go back to work after surgery?

If the customer is in good health, you can go back to work the next day. However, doctors still recommend staying home and resting. After 2 days, you can go to work normally, but you must wear a bandage and wear a nose splint.
Giving An Impressive Nose Shape
Giving An Impressive Nose Shape

Why should you have biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

  • Clean and modern facilities and infrastructure, advanced machinery & equipment, ensuring standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health.
  • Doctors and nurses with more than 15 years of experience and high qualifications who regularly study and practice in Korea.
  • We have professional advisors from Korea such as Prof, – Dr. Park Sung Yong, Dr. Kim Yung Moon, Prof. – Dr. Park Chang Myun, Dr. Park Hyung Youl, Dr. Yoo Jang Suk…
  • Nurses and staff are well-trained and highly professional and are dedicated and provide 24/7 post-operative care to ensure the best experience for customers.
  • Especially, we provide a long-term warranty policy for the nano biological cartilage rhinoplasty service.

Direct contact to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for further consultation

  • Address: 576 – 578 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline/Zalo: 0901 666 879
  • Email:info@gangwhoo.com
  • Website: gangwhoohospital.vn
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GangwhooHospital
  • TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@benhviengangwhoo
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/benhvienthammygangwhoo

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about our nano biological rib cartilage rhinoplasty service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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