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What Is A Big Nose? All That You Need To Know About A Big Nose

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For a long time, people have been believing that a big nose represents fortune. However, many are beginning to notice that a big nose with a blunt tip and wide alar base makes the face less attractive, especially among women. So can a big nose be fixed? How to make it smaller? Let Gangwhoo answer your questions in the article below.

What is a big nose?
What is a big nose?

What is a big nose? Is it unattractive? 

A nose is located right at the center of the face, making any abnormalities or flaws very easy to be spotted. Here are some of the ways to see if that person has a large nose or not.

  • The tip of the nose: is blunt and around, making the peak looks overdeveloped.
  • The alar base: has a much wider width.

In terms of aesthetics, a big nose is an ugly nose contour, especially on women. If you think about it, very few women still are pretty with large noses.

In fact, this nose shape makes many people be ashamed of how they look. Some even get bullied or mocked because of their noses.

All That You Need To Know About A Big Nose
All That You Need To Know About A Big Nose

What are the causes of a large nose?

A large nose is formed due to the nose being overdeveloped, making the face to be less harmonious. Here are some of the causes of a big nose.


You could be surprised knowing that one of the reasons causing a big nose is your own daily routine. For example, bad habits such as picking your nose can actually expand it.

Some facial expressions can also make the nose expand like twisting the nose can also stimulate the development of the nose tissues.


Pregnancy is one of the hardest times for any woman. Whether the person is still beautiful afterward depends entirely on their own body conditions.

During this stage, the woman can get fatter, her skin becomes stretched, saggier and darker, and her nose gets bigger as well. This is due to the pressure of the expanding blood vessels, causing the nose to be swollen and red.


In Asian countries, very few people possess beautiful noses. Instead, their noses are big, low, and blunt. This is passed on over generations, making the person be less confident in their look.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

According to many studies, a big nose is inherited from your parents. If one of your parents has a large nose, there is an 80% likeability that you will also possess the same nose shape.

Is having a big nose good or bad?
Is having a big nose good or bad?

The characteristics of people with big noses

Women with big noses

It can be seen that a big nose can reflect a part of themself. They are quite stubborn. Girls with big noses will build a career for themselves; however, their social relationships are not very healthy as they are always full of themselves.

Women with big noses are always full of themselves

As they are always trying to bring themselves up and others down, women with big noses are usually isolated without any friends. They can also get overconfident because their career path is quite smooth.

Women with big noses are always up to something bad

As their alar base are wider than normal, these women are seen as someone who is full of tricks.

Women with big noses have a difficult love life

Although this might not be very accurate, women with large noses and high cheekbones always had their marriages end early.

What to do when having a large nose?
What to do when having a large nose?

Men with big noses

Many people believe that a big nose represents fortune and prosperity. However, this is not entirely true as it would require many different features to be determined.

Men with large noses are selfish and too logical

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Men with big noses are those who are always in love with money, making themselves very selfish. Although being logical is not exactly a bad thing, it will certainly damage their relationships with the opposite gender.

Men with big noses are successful and loving

These people are self-motivated and smart, making their careers very successful. They don’t have to think about making a living as they get older. They are also very thoughtful and always take care of their families.

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Everything you need to know about people with a large nose

How to improve your big nose shape at home

Many women have been spreading words about ways to improve the shape of the nose. These are some of the most highly recommended ones.

With makeup

Improving the big nose shape with makeup is used by many as it can enhance their beauty significantly. However, this method is only temporary as the nose shape will return to normal after removing the makeup.

Normally, women will use powder to hide the parts where the nose contours overexpand. Next, they use the highlighter to make the noses look higher and slimmer.

Cover the nose with glasses

In addition to doing makeup to make the nose smaller, you can also use sunglasses. This item can conceal some flaws of the big nose, helping you to be more confident in yourself.

Train the nose to be smaller

Massaging can help to improve the shape of the nose. However, it can take lots of time and effort.

To narrow down the alar base: Press the 2 thumbs onto the 2 sides of the alar base and hold them for 1 minute. Do this daily from 10 to 15 minutes to own a naturally slender nose.

How to narrow down the alar base
How to narrow down the alar base

Squeeze the nose: Use your 2 index fingers to push gently and move up and down the wings of the nose. Do this from 15 to 20 minutes.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
Bài tập ép mũi
Squeeze the nose

Rub the nose: You will use the index finger and the thumb of your dominant hand to place on the dorsum. After that, apply a gentle force to drag your finger from the dorsum to the alar base.

Rub the nose
Rub the nose

Improve the big nose shape with a nose clipper

This is used by many and only requires 10 – 15 minutes to make the nose higher and smaller.

Note: these methods might not bring about the effect that you expected. In fact, many of them are only temporary measures and cost lots of time.

How to make the nose smaller for a long time

If you wish to make your nose smaller permanently, cosmetic surgery is required. A cosmetic surgeon will diagnose the condition of the nose before proposing a suitable nose shape.

Nose tip reduction

A cosmetic surgeon will first determine the exact reason that makes the nose tip bigger to decide the appropriate technique of nose tip reduction.

  • The tip of the nose has soft and spread tissues: slim down the enlarged tip of the nose with a specialized cutting technique.
  • Loose nasal septum: A part of the nasal septum will be cut and the septum will be rebuilt so that the nose tip is small and elevated.
Nose tip reduction
Nose tip reduction

Alar base reduction

Alar base reduction has 2 techniques that can be applied in case the wings of the nose need to be reduced.

  • Hide the base: The cosmetic surgeons will measure and create 1 incision on the two bases each. After that, they will put the base inward to make the nose appear smaller. This process is suitable for noses with thin and narrow base skin.
  • Cut the base: In case the alar base skin is too thick and the nostrils are too wide, the cosmetic surgeons will create tiny incisions at the foot of the base (to ensure that nose scars will be left), to remove a part of the skin and the cartilage to narrow down the nose.
Thu gọn cánh mũi
Alar base reduction


Gangwhoo hopes that the information above has helped you to understand more about a big nose to have the best decision on whether should you have a nose makeover or not.

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