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Beware of Fraudulent Fanpage impersonating Doctors at Gangwhoo Hospital

Theo dõi Gangwhoo trên

There has been a case of fanpage impersonating Gangwhoo doctors and personnels and regrettably many were misled. This is part of many instances of using Gangwhoo brand and reputation for nefarious purposes.

Beware of scammers fanpages impersonating as Gangwhoo doctors
Beware of scammers’ fanpage impersonating as Gangwhoo doctors

Setting up a trap fanpage impersonating Gangwhoo’s doctors

One of the many cases of impersonating Gangwhoo brands and doctors to commit fraud. They have stolen the image and reputation of Gangwhoo doctors to gain victims’ trust.
By blatantly stealing the profile image and cover photo on the Fanpage of Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, a doctor at Gangwhoo Hospital, they use prestige to lure and attract customers to join a group called VÒNG SƠ TUYỂN THẨM MỸ 2024” (COSMETIC RECRUITMENT ROUND 2024).

group lua dao en

Counting onto the preferences of low prices or promotions, they announce: “Candidates should pay the service fee of 340,000 VND and write down their personal information. After completion, the system will finalize candidates the original amount  + % of the service value after about 3 to 5 minutes.”

By sophisticatedly setting up paid actors to send transfer confirmation images and have seemingly honest exchanges with each other that made many people mistakenly think this was legitimate. Many have enthusiastically fallen victim to them
After the payment of 340,000 VND is made, victims are promptly removed from the group.

kh bi lua tien en

We at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital ARE NOT ORGANIZING NOR ARE AFFILIATED with the program or any programs related to VÒNG SƠ TUYỂN THẨM MỸ 2024” (COSMETIC RECRUITMENT ROUND 2024).
Readers should be careful to avoid being deceived and taken advantage of by bad faith actors.

How to recognize legitimate fanpage

Online fraud is complex and hard to spot. Scammers often steal the names and branding of reputable businesses to deceive others. For that reason, readers are advised to be vigilant.

nhan biet trang chinh thong en

Below are a few things that, while not an exhaustive list of things you should look out for, should give you an idea on whether you’re dealing with a legitimate fanpage

  • URL is consistent with the brand or company name
  • Facebook verified ( blue tick )
  • Publicly available phone number and hotline
  • Frequent and consistent activity and contents upload
  • Address being publicly available which you can cross-referenced over Google Maps
  • Linked to other platforms such as: Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok,…

Receive genuine quality cosmetic care at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a reputable and safe establishment in cosmetic surgery, certified to operate under the license of the Ministry of Health. Through inspection and evaluation, Gangwhoo is in the top 5 high-quality cosmetic hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.

Coming to Gangwhoo Hospital for cosmetic and beauty services at, you will be completely assured about the quality and safety. Fully compliant to safety and quality standards,
We employ doctors with many years of experience, operations expertise and technical standards. Safely perform cosmetic and beauty services in a harmonious, safe and natural way. Doctors also regularly attend international cosmetic conferences to learn and summarize the latest trends and skills.
The surgical environment at the hospital is guaranteed to be sterile and safe, helping to create favorable conditions for the surgical and recovery process. Regularly and periodically check the sterility in the operating room.
Modern equipment technology is applied to surgical services such as 4K endoscopy technology, computerized Ai X-ray, harmonic scalpel, laser scalpel, keller funnel,… helping to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Safe for surgical procedures.

In addition, the luxurious and modern space of the hospital also brings a feeling of comfort and trust to customers. Full amenities to bring a satisfying and satisfactory experience to customers.
Professional and thoughtful customer service, always supporting customers enthusiastically and quickly. All questions will be answered if you connect to the hospital Hotline..
If you are interested in beauty services, please connect with us via Hotline: 1900 5128 for FREE CONSULTATION.
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