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The Best Place For Rhinoplasty In Saigon

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Rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic trends for women nowadays. It is very obvious that everyone wants to have a straight, high, and natural nose. Understanding that trend, the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon was established to fulfill al the need for the customers.

The best rhinoplasty techniques at the moment

Many choose to have rhinoplasty to have an elegant nose. However, not a lot of people know about the rhinoplasty techniques that are being performed nowadays. We will now give you a quick run through the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Dorsum placing technique

The dorsum placing technique is the method of rhinoplasty using artificial or autologous cartilage. For people with not a lot of flaws, this is a fantastic option as it will help to correct the flat and humped dorsum. This is the technique that can be done at the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon.

The ladies choosing this option will not have to pay a large amount of fee and will not have to go through a lot of invasion and health effects. In addition, the surgical time is relatively quick, ranging from 30 – 45 minutes.

However, this method is not perfect as it cannot correct the nose tip and the alar base. If the cartilage is not fit, the nose can have redness and looks unnatural.

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Cartilage rhinoplasty

This is the technique of using both artificial and autologous cartilage to elevate the dorsum and minimize the risk of nose redness or dorsum exposure. This is also one of the methods that can be performed at the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon.

This is the perfect technique for people with a naturally beautiful nose tip and columella but cannot get over the flaw of thin skin.

The surgery can be done swiftly to limit the amount of invasion. Although the result will not be 100% perfect, the overall aesthetic aspect will still be impressive.

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Structural rhinoplasty

Among all of the techniques, structural rhinoplasty is the most complex one as the surgeon will open the nasal cavity to correct ALL the flaws of the nose. With this procedure, flaws on the dorsum, alar base, nose tip, columella, and nasal bone will be completely fixed.

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This method is usually applied to people with a lot of flaws and deformities.

The benefit of this technique is that it will reshape the nose into a beautiful and lasting contour. However, this requires the surgeon to be exceptionally skillful and 60-minute of surgery.

Compares to other techniques, structural rhinoplasty involves deeply into the nose structure, meaning that the recovery time will be longer and the diet will be stricter. This is the best procedure that is offered at the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon.

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The best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon

If you are wondering where is the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the number one choice for you.

The director of the hospital – Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – is a first-level specialist in plastic surgeon and the chair of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery in the Vietnam region.

With his 15-year of experience working in the cosmetic industry, he has performed many cases of rhinoplasty using a variety of techniques. He not only guarantees the result and the quality of the service but also gives dedicated consultation and post-operative care.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital also has a wide range of services and reasonable prices. The customers will receive consultation on the most suitable rhinoplasty technique for the face and the nose condition.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital - The best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Gangwhoo Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital promises

The quality of the rhinoplasty

When choosing to have the procedure at the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon, you can totally rest assured in its quality as Dr. Phung Manh Cuong will directly handle the surgery with support from professional technicians

In addition, the hospital is also invested in many advanced and modern technology to ensure the safest and most perfect result.

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Dedicated consultation

The customers will be absolutely amazed by the dedication of the hospital. The customer services team will always be ready 24/7 to give their hearts and minds in every piece of advice, offering you the most suitable services packages for your condition and finance.

Long-term warranty

Coming to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the customers will receive a long-term warranty depending on the kind of service they undergo. After the surgery, the patient will be monitored constantly until they are fully recovered.

If any abnormalities happen, you can contact the facility for immediate support.

Competitive price

Compares to other facilities, the procedure price at the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon is actually very competitive and affordable. Depending on the type of technique a certain price gap will exist.

The detailed price will be provided to the customers beforehand so that they can choose the most suitable service.

You can take a look at: Rhinoplasty price list

Rhinoplasty will help your face to be more attractive and beautiful. However, for the procedure to reach its maximum potential, it must be done by the hands of exceptional surgeons. If you are lookng for the best place for rhinoplasty in Saigon, make sure to give Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital a call.

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