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Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The best hospital for breast augmentation

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Having sexy breasts is the desire of many women. Therefore, they tend to seek out plastic surgery to improve the flaws of their chest. If you still don’t know the best hospital for breast augmentation, you can come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The 5-star Korean standard hospital – which is one of the most recommended and quality places for breast augmentation nowadays.

The best hospital for breast augmentation
The best hospital for breast augmentation

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that helps to increase the size of the breasts using implants or autologous fat (the fat taken out of the patient’s body). These techniques are approved and certified by experts and medical organizations from all over the world for their safety, effectiveness, and application.

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The best hospital for breast augmentation – Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Thanks to the wonderful and natural beauty that the procedure offers, along with the exceptional safety, breast augmentation has become the number one choice to improve the contour of the ladies. However, this is a relatively complex surgery that is not suitable for every facility to perform.

This is what has been concerning so many women on their choice of locations for a breast “upgrade”. Below are the reasons why you should let the team of doctors and surgeons at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital take care of you. Stay tuned!

A team of leading plastic surgeons

No other place offers direct operations by skillful and experienced surgeons in the cosmetic field like Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, regardless of breast augmentation or other surgeries. The team of doctors at Gangwhoo has over 15 years of experience in performing plastic surgeries with a 100% success rate. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will always ensure you the 2 qualifications: aesthetic and safety.

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong explains the axillary-incisions breast augmentation

Quality and modern infrastructure

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is not only adored for its quality and reputation but also the convenient resting rooms. This will make you feel comfortable when experiencing the cosmetic services at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

Safe and strictly certified breast augmentation techniques

The breast augmentation techniques at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are recognized and trusted by both experts and customers. One mentionable method is endoscopic breast augmentation. This is considered to be the best procedure there is at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

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This method involves a specialized endoscopic tool to magnify the image inside of the breasts. From that visual aid, the surgeons will open up the breasts and place the implants inside precisely with a 100% safety rate.

Moreover, all the endoscopic breast augmentation techniques at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are studied to performed at the underarm areas. This is the best procedure for breast augmentation nowadays as the scars left behind (if any) would still be well-hidden in the armpits, making them nearly invisible.

Discount and promotions

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital put our customers on top. We guarantee the best services for the most suitable price. Our price will always be lower than some of those in the industry. You can save from 10 – 20 million VND for one quality breast augmentation. The details are:

Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Gsoft Implant 2,149
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant Without Chip 3,159
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant With Chip 3,639
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Ergonomix 4,710
Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation – Arion 3,650
Nipple lightening (Free cream) 650
Nipple Reduction on both sides 870
Areola Reduction on both sides 1,080
Accessory Breast Removal (1 – 2 breasts) 1,520
Gynecomastia treatment 1,730
Breast Reduction 1,940 – 2,790
Breast Lift 1,940 – 2,790
Laparoscopic Buttock Augmentation – Polytech 4,280
Laparoscopic Buttock Augmentation – Ergonomix 3,000 – 4,290
Breast Fat Grafting 2,150
Buttock Fat Grafting 3,000 – 4,290

Images of our customers before and after having breast augmentation

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 1

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 3

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 4

nang nguc bvtm gangwhoo 6

By now you must have had your answer for the best hospital for breast augmentation right! We hope that with the article we just shared, you now have some valuable knowledge about breast makeover surgery to soon achieve your dream breast size.

If you still have any questions, you can contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital by our phone number 0901666879 to receive the best support from us. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital promises to turn your breasts full of flaws into what every man desired.

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