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What To Avoid After Dimple Surgery?

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After each cosmetic procedure, post-operative care plays an important role in the success of it, and dimple surgery is not an exception. A diet and care after dimpleplasty is very much concerned by many, raising the questions of “what to avoid after dimple surgery?”, “how to have the best care after dimple surgery?”, etc. In the article below, we will answer your question about the diet after the dimpleplasty.

What to avoid after dimple surgery?

Dimpleplasty is a very simple, non-invasive, non-surgical, and painless procedure that brings about beautiful dimples.

However, to ensure even further safety, as well as to keep the dimples last longer, you must pay more attention to your diet and what to avoid after dimple surgery.

  • You should not use stimulants like beer or alcohol: According to some scientific research, bear and alcohol cause the number of white blood cells, an important factor that eliminates bacteria, to drop. Therefore, bear and alcohol use will cause the wound to heal slower and increase the risk of infection.
  • Avoid eating food made from glutinous products and chicken: glutinous products and chicken are the 2 kinds of food that have hot nature, causing dimple purulence, and swelling that make the wound dries slower. This leads to the difficulty of growing new skin and slower recovery.
  • Avoid eating seafood: Seafood is very nutritious; however, it is also very smelly and can cause allergies. Moreover, seafood will make the wound feels itchy and irritating. Hence, this is also the kind of the that you need to avoid after dimple surgery.
  • Avoid eating water spinach: Water spinach is a type of food that contains Madecassol, which accelerates the process of growing new skin and filling the wound, causing keloid scars. Therefore

Besides, the patient should also avoid eating sour, spicy, and hot food, drinking fizzy or fermented drinks and coffee, and smoking cigarette because these products will slow down the recovery and healing process.

What to avoid after dimple surgery?
What to avoid after dimple surgery?

Other things to remember after having dimple surgery

Aside from the diet, you also need to keep these few things in mind during your daily routines so that the wound can heal faster and the dimples will last longer.

  • Apply hot and cold compression for the first few days to subside the swelling and inflammation at the dimples.
  • Take medications and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled so that the doctors can monitor and check your recovery process.
  • Wash your mouth with saline daily to prevent and get rid of all the bacteria growing inside the mouth that can badly affect the wound. This must be done gently as the intense scrubbing movement might cause the location of the dimples to be shifted or damaged.
  • Have a logical routine, as well as stop staying up late since going to bed late can impact the result negatively.
  • Avoid letting makeup touch the wound to prevent infection. It is best that you stop doing makeup during this period.
  • Don’t touch the mouth or have intense mouth movements like laughing for the first month.

che do cham soc dung cachHow long do you have to follow the post-operative care?

Following the post-operative care guidance is to keep the complications from happening, affecting the final result of the procedure. This is a very quick technique that can be done within 15 – 20 minutes. After the dimpleplasty, you will have to stop eating the food above for at least one month so that the wound can heal completely.

Why should you have dimple surgery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

1. Natural and symmetrical dimples

The technique of creating dimples at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will simulate the exact appearance and feel of the natural dimples. Therefore, the customers will have themselves harmonious dimples with reasonable depth which show the charming look every time the person smiles.

2. Warranty policies

The result of the procedure will be under a warranty by Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, meaning that the result will be corrected if the customer is not satisfied.

3. Safe and free from complications

For the dimple surgery procedure to happen, Gangwhoo has to follow a strict protocol to ensure that the surgery process will be completely safe and free from complications.

4. Zero pain, zero swellings, zero scar

Before the dimpleplasty can happen, the surgeons will apply anesthesia to the customers so that they won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Additionally, all the steps will be taken place inside the mouth cavity; therefore, there won’t be any scar or surgical sign on the cheeks.

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If you still question about what to avoid after dimple surgery or have interest in other makeover services, you can come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital directly or contact us through our hotline so that we can give detailed explanations.

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