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Besides the increasingly developed and widely applied modern rhinoplasty, the traditional Artificial-cartilage rhinoplasty is still interesting in people, so will it still work?

Does artificial cartilage Rhinoplasty work?


Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty is a method that does not use autologous cartilage to cover the tip of the nose. Doctors will use artificial cartilage to enhance the nose instead. This is considered to be a defective remedy for customers who have a low nose bridge but a high nasal tip, so just enhance the nasal spine.

This is considered a traditional method when performing an Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty because there is no need to manipulate the cartilage itself, so this method can save quite a lot of time.

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Artificial cartilage applies Korean technical helps enhance the nose by using artificial cartilage to enhance the nose gently and ensure safety. Helping to overcome the shortness of the nose, the shape of the nose after lifting will be more compact with the face.

Artificial cartilage material used in artificial cartilage rhinoplasty originates from Korea with the best quality. Through the strict accreditation process of competent agencies such as the Ministry of Health, FDA, and CE,…certifying the safety and ensuring compatibility with the body to limit rejection or complications at risk.


Beside Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty also applies Korean techniques to make the nose look higher and more beautiful. Unlike Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty, this rhinoplasty process uses artificial cartilage to enhance the nose bridge and autologous cartilage to cover the tip of the nose. The cartilage after being inserted into the nose and completing the lifting process will give a beautiful S-Line nose shape and long-lasting maintenance.

The autologous cartilage used during cartilage rhinoplasty can be obtained from the client, which can be the ear cartilage, the rib cartilage, the septal cartilage, or the temporal muscle balance cartilage. In case the body does not have enough autologous cartilage to use, the doctor will aim to apply biological cartilage with about 95% autologous cartilage equivalent properties such as Megaderm cartilage, Persil cartilage, etc. to cover the tip of the nose.

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When intending to get Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty, everyone may be wondering whether this method will be highly effective. To answer this question, two problems are posed for Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty, whether to perform or not, let’s analyze more clearly through the following factors:

Customer’s health condition

For this problem, experts say that even with the traditional method, however, if the skin of the nose is thick and healthy, and the muscles in the nose lift well, this method does not cause any complications or health conditions.

Conversely, if your nose is in the opposite case, you should not perform an Artificial cartilage rhinoplasty, because this method will not be able to maintain long-term effects if the nose is not thick enough to perform.

Although it can provide a beautiful high nose shape, if the nose is not covered with cartilage, it will be difficult to maintain it for a long time and can only enhance the nose bridge, but it is not possible to improve other defects as well as change the nose tip shape.

Prestigious cosmetic facility

In a prestigious aesthetic center, there will be important elements to bring you a beautiful nose. In particular, the first factor is only in the quality of aesthetic facilities including:

– A team of doctors with good workmanship, expertise, and meticulousness, professional in performing successful rhinoplasty surgeries. With experience accumulated over the past time, doctors will easily know how to provide optimal efficiency, beautiful nose shape, and safety for customers

– In prestige facilities usually uses imported cartilage with clear origin. If the cartilage does not guarantee the quality, it will cause dangerous complications or the nose shape will not last as long as expected after the surgery. In only a few years, the cartilage will fall.

– In addition to the above two factors, selecting a good cosmetic facility and investing in machinery and modern technology will contribute to improving the quality of rhinoplasty cases.

According to the information that Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has shared, artificial rhinoplasty can still give the customer a beautiful nose shape, living with a high nose as desired. However, this method still has unhidden risks the ability to maintain of the nose is not as high as modern nose-lifting methods. Therefore, top experts encourage customers not to apply a nose lift with 100% artificial cartilage.

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For the best effect with a slim nose. Instead of getting artificial rhinoplasty which may be not effective. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, there are many rhinoplasty methods with the most modern techniques and dissemination widely such as

Structural rhinoplasty

Getting structural rhinoplasty, the doctor will regulate all of the nose structure from the nose bridge, nose tip, and columella nasi. The combination of autologous cartilage and artificial cartilage will provide the improvement of the nasal, creating a natural high nose shape. With the harmony with the face, it will be difficult to recognize that it has undergone rhinoplasty.

However, the disadvantage of this method is that the implementation time will be quite long due to the need to restructure the entire nose. So the time for structural rhinoplasty will be longer than other rhinoplasty methods. With complex procedures, structural rhinoplasty requires a thorough selection of the unit that will allow the surgery to be successful. Because there are many advantages you need to spend a fairly high amount of money to do rhinoplasty with this method.

Korean S-line Rhinoplasty

Most modern rhinoplasty will apply autologous cartilage technology and artificial cartilage when getting rhinoplasty. The nasal defects including big nose tip, flat nose, and rough nose bridge…. will all be improved through this method.

Cartilage materials commonly used in artificial cartilage include Sugiform cartilage, megaderm cartilage, and autologous cartilage. The combination will give you a naturally beautiful nose shape with a long-lasting effect as well as a natural S-line nose shape.

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To have a good quality nose shape after rhinoplasty surgery. Doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital encourage customers should pay attention to take care after the surgery to minimize complications and help the wound heal quickly. The following are the types of care that doctors recommend their customers should do after rhinoplasty:

– Should not wet the wound for the first 1-2 days after rhinoplasty.

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– Using a waterproof cotton swab and saline to clean the wound

– Following the diet for items that may cause allergies and slow down the healing process of wounds such as glutinous rice, beef, vegetables, chicken, seafood, etc. Provide foods including vitamins A, C, and E to recover quickly

– Follow the dosing regimen and follow the doctor’s appointment

– Adjusting the healthy living regime, limiting the habit of touching the nose

– Adjust the sleeping position to avoid affecting the nose

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To ensure that this method is safe for your nose, contact Hotline 0901.666.879 for highly cosmetic advice from doctors.

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