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What are the advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty?

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Advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty are that it can bring a beautiful high, slim, natural, and well-proportioned nose with the face. It is less invasive to the body, causes no pain, and leaves no scarring. There are many rhinoplasty methods that customers come to the cosmetic hospital to change the shape of their flat noses, affecting their overall face. In particular, cartilage rhinoplasty is currently one of the solutions that is highly appreciated by many customers because of its ability to quickly transform the high nose shape.

advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty

What is Cartilage Rhinopalsty?

Cartilage Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic method that helps improve the customer’s nose shape to become more beautiful than they expected thanks to the Korean modern technique. In particular, the introduction of cartilage used in this method is considered an important milestone in marking the growing development in applying modern rhinoplasty materials. With cartilage rhinoplasty, the cartilage is upgraded to a higher level with a shaped structure and high durability because it is much more flexible than previous generations of cartilage.

For the old cartilage rhinoplasty technologies, a rather rough cartilage block will be used, then cut to the required shape and placed on the dorsum. However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that it cannot be maintained for a long time, after a period of rhinoplasty with this method, most of the nose will be exposed to many defects such as red top nose, lowering the dorsum.

advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty


The Advantages

With the Advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty, the techniques applied will be carried out by an invasive process into a part of the nasal structure to correct the shape of the nose through a combination of two main lifting materials: Autologous cartilage (can be ear cartilage, septum cartilage, articular cartilage) is used to cover the top of the nose and Korean cartilage is used to raise the dorsum. This combination will bring the following advantages:

The nasal structure unchange 

Under moderate invasive impact, rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage combined with autologous cartilage will only intervene in part of the top of the nose to the dorsum to conduct rhinoplasty at a moderate height. The doctor only makes a very small incision at the dorsum to place the cartilage in, so this method will only intervene in a small part to raise the dorsum moderately without causing structural changes in the general shape of the nose. This is a perfect choice for those who want to own a nose with relatively harmonious proportions.

How to create a natural nose shape

If you are planning to have rhinopalsty to improve your face defects,

If you intend to have rhinoplasty to make your face look more Western, perhaps cartilage rhinoplasty will not be suitable for you. This method gives birth to the S-line nose shape following the Korean trend, For any customer who loves a naturally beautiful nose shape with moderate proportions between the top of the nose and the face.

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In case the nose skin is too thin, if you choose to lift the L-line, it can cause complications such as revealing the lifting cartilage that is bad for the shape of the nose or signs like red top nose, sagging dorsum, and revealing the bridge of the nose.

Signus Infection still have Cartilage Rhinoplasty 

According to Gangwhoo Hospital mentioned above, Cartilage rhinoplasty only slightly affects part of the dorsum and does not affect the surrounding area. So in case you have a sinus infection, the frontal sinus can still lift the nose without encountering a dangerous situation.

Who can have Cartilage Rhinoplasty

For Cartilage rhinoplasty, some targeted subjects include:

– Customers, regardless of gender, male or female, require the age of 18 years or older.

– The customer already has the nose shape into the ready shape and only needs to change some defects such as: low, flat nose..

– Customers who have had rhinoplasty before but still not satisfied

– Customers who want to improve the dorsum with a less invasive method and a high level of safety.

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advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Should cartilage rhinoplasty – Experts recommend?

Compared with previous types of silicone cartilage, the new generation cartilage has been researched and improved with a structure similar to that of autologous cartilage up to 90%. This is good news for customers who want to raise their nose with artificial cartilage through high-quality cartilage material because this type of cartilage has the ability to improve compatibility and limit irritation. Therefore, when applied to rhinoplasty, this material is very popular because of its outstanding ability.

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It is known whether rhinoplasty should be covered with artificial cartilage or not, according to experts, customers should not choose 100% rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage. Although their compatibility has been improved, it is still possible to cause a red top nose in the end. For people who are sensitive to allergies, no matter how good the cartilage is, there is still a risk of causing allergic signs that no one can predict.

For the best cartilage rhinoplasty, customers should combine autologous cartilage used to cover the top of the nose and artificial cartilage should be used to raise the dorsum. Because autologous cartilage is taken from the body, it can be quickly adapted, besides, this cartilage has high elasticity to reduce the friction of artificial cartilage. After lifting in this way, the autologous cartilage will be well nourished, so the shape of the nose will be maintained for a long time

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advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty

The medical standard rhinoplasty procedure

Although it is a less invasive method, advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty are numerous, the rhinoplasty procedure with cartilage still needs to be safe, taking place in a closed environment with the entire system of machines being disinfected. so as not to affect the health of customers.

At Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital, with high expertise and many years of experience in the profession, the doctors have brought a procedure of rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage including the following steps:

Step 1: Visit and consult

The doctor will directly examine the current shape of the nose shape and give specific comments and advice to the customer about the defect status of his nose. In this step, the client should tell clearly his current desire for the shape of his nose so that the doctor can understand and suggest the best method.

Step 2: General health check, X-Ray

To make sure your health is good enough to participate in the rhinoplasty surgery. The doctor will order a general health check before proceeding to the rhinoplasty procedure.

Besides, taking 3D X-ray AI images will contribute to check the nose structure, and support the doctor in the process of designing a suitable new nose shape. Not only that, in this step the customer can also view a simulated image of their new nose shape through the computerized AI x-ray system.

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advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty


Step 3: Measure and sketch a new nose shape

The doctors will examine the entire structure of the nasal bone and accurately measure the position where the cartilage should be placed to determine the appropriate cartilage size to create a balanced nose shape and avoid the condition that the cartilage is too long or short.

Step 4: Antiseptic and anesthetize

Antiseptic plays an extremely important role in the health of customers, in order to limit infection and avoid possible complications. During the rhinoplasty procedure, the client will be anesthetized so that they will not feel any pain or discomfort during the rhinoplasty procedure.

Step 5: Carry out cartilage rhinoplasty surgery

With many advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty. The main surgical stage starts with the incision at the nasal dorsum, then the doctor will dissect and create a cavity to put artificial cartilage in to raise the dorsum, then the autologous cartilage is used to cover the top of the nose and the nose. become a “buffer” between the artificial cartilage and the skin of the top nose. After placing the cartilage, the doctor will adjust the size to fit and balance the proportions of the face. When satisfied, the incision will be fixed by the doctor with specialized cosmetic threads and the surgery will end.

Step 6: Finish the surgery

After completing the above steps, the doctor will guide the client to stay at the hospital for a certain period of time. Combined with prescribing medication and suggesting home care after rhinoplasty, the client can then return home the same day.

Step 7: The client re-examines and cuts the thread as directed by the doctor.

The team of consultants, and especially the doctors in charge, will always accompany each customer at any time during the rhinoplasty surgery, always listening to the sharing and understanding. as well as supporting and encouraging customers to quickly achieve the nose that you have long expected.

Gangwhoo –  Prestigous facility for cartilage rhinoplasty 

For the cosmetic rhinoplasty in general and cartilage rhinoplasty in specific, Gangwhoo hospital proudly have help a lot of cusotmers satisfy with the result. With cosmetic rhinoplasty methods in general and rhinoplasty techniques covered with artificial cartilage in particular, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is proud to have helped many customers who need rhinoplasty or even damaged nose repair. With advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty, our clients absolutely satisfied in all aspects with their achieved results. Under those trusts, Gangwhoo has grown and is at the top of the priority list of many customers and is also the address chosen by many Vietnamese artists when there is a need for beauty.

For cartilage rhinoplasty, advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty are countless. Gangwhoo applies autologous cartilage material along with artificial cartilage (Korean cartilage, American cartilage) which has undergone the testing process and is FDA-approved for safety before being put into rhinoplasty. Therefore, there will be no rejection reaction with the body or any complications for the customer.

advantages of Artificial Cartilage Rhinoplasty


With highly skilled doctors and good aesthetic eyes, the cartilage rhinoplasty surgery process at Gangwhoo is absolutely safe. In addition, the support from AI 3D X-ray diagnostic system helps doctors quickly identify the entire nasal structure that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but only after 1 scan in less than 10 seconds. The condition of the nose has been shown so that the surgical process is more accurate.

Gangwhoo Hospital always accompanies customers throughout the rhinoplasty process until they are sure that the customer is completely satisfied with the shape of their nose after rhinoplasty.

Through the updated Gangwhoo Hospital article, I hope you will have a clear understanding of the method of rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage. From there, decide whether this technique is right for you or not. Or you can immediately contact Hotline 0901.666.879 to have experts suggest you the best solution!

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