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Acne Treatment With Physiological Saline

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Using physiological saline for acne treatment is a way of acne treatment that women and sisters transmit to each other. Physiological saline has been used to disinfect and clean wounds, but is it really effective to treat acne with physiological saline?The following article shall give you the right answer.

What is physiological saline?

Physiological saline, also known as isotonic saline, is a solution with the main ingredient being sodium chloride (NaCl) with a concentration of 0.9% (9g NaCl in 1 liter of pure water).

Physiological saline is prepared at a concentration equivalent to other solutions in the body such as tears, blood … under normal physiological conditions.

In order to produce standard physiological saline, it is necessary to ensure the use of clean raw materials, free from impurities, pollution, without flavorings, additives, and preservatives in a professional production process.

Physiological saline
Physiological saline

Is it good to treat acne with physiological saline?

One of the main causes of acne is bacteria. Acne-causing bacteria penetrate into the skin surface, combine with dirt, sebum, dead cells to clog pores to form acne and prevent the development of inflammatory foci.

Physiological saline has a high antiseptic and antibacterial ability, so washing your face with physiological saline can destroy acne-causing bacteria, cleans the skin, thereby treating acne effectively.

In addition, physiological saline also has the ability to retain moisture for the skin because of the properties of salt to retain water. When the skin is maintained with moisture, the oil is also limited that do not clog the pores, thereby helping to prevent the formation of acne.

In short, using physiological saline can treat many types of acne. Especially acne, inflammatory acne, pustules.

Physiological saline can help treat acne effectively
Physiological saline can help treat acne effectively

How to use physiological saline to treat acne

So we know that treating acne with physiological saline is really effective. Then how is the right way to use physiological saline to treat acne? Here are instructions for washing your face with physiological saline to treat acne:

  • Step 1: Wash your face with clean water and dry your face with a towel.
  • Step 2: Pour a sufficient amount of physiological saline on a cotton pad (or cotton ball) and wipe all over the skin surface, gently in the areas with acne.
  • Step 3: Wipe for about 2 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

Consistently washing your face with physiological saline daily can help you prevent and treat acne effectively and safely for the skin.

Things to remember when using physiological saline to treat acne

Customers should remember the following things when using physiological saline to treat acne:

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  • Should try physiological saline on other skin areas, if there is no problem, use it to wash your face to treat acne.
  • Stop using physiological saline to treat acne when there are abnormal signs on the skin.
  • If you wash your face in the morning, apply sunscreen when going out because physiological saline can make the skin more susceptible to sunburn.
  • Buy physiological saline products sold at drugstores, do not use homemade salt water for acne treatment.

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Is it good to wash your face with physiological saline regularly?

Washing your face regularly with physiological saline does not affect the skin, it is even effective in treating acne and moisturizing the skin. However, if your facial skin shows abnormal signs, you should stop using physiological saline immediately.

How much is physiological saline?

A bottle of physiological saline costs only 10 – 20 thousand VND.

These are the tips of treating acne with physiological saline. We hope you can utilize this solution to get rid of the acne effectively.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital via our Hotline: 0901 666 879

Thank you for reading!

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