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Blackheads & Acne Removal After Rhinoplasty – Should Or Not?

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Maintaining nose hygiene is not something that can be done easily after a rhinoplasty; thus the chance for acne to appear is something understandable. That leads us to our today’s question: “Should you have blackheads & acne removal after rhinoplasty or not?”

Why do acne & blackheads appear after a rhinoplasty?

It is common for the nose to have acne 1 week after the surgery. This acne or blackhead can appear on the nose or even your entire face. Aside from hormones and the body condition, many factors also contribute to the appearance of acne and blackheads. For example:

Should you have blackhead & acne removal after rhinoplasty or not?
Should you have blackheads & acne removal after rhinoplasty or not?

1. Due to antibiotics and painkillers intake after rhinoplasty

After the surgery, doctors will demand the patients to take certain types of painkillers, inflammatory pills, antibiotics, etc. However, the ingredients inside of these medications tend to cause negative side effects to the skin of the users.

Many, due to the consumption of antibiotics, have tiny pimples, oil, or dryness on their skin, combining with the fact that the skin does not get decent sanitary cause the skin to have acne and blackheads.

For those with allergic or sensitive skin, having blackheads and ance is something inevitable. However, you should not stop taking medications prescribed by the doctors or lower the doses as this can easily affect the shape of your nose.

2. Due to improper nose sanitary after rhinoplasty

As your nose will be splinted for one week after the surgery, you can hardly keep your nose clean or take proper care of it due to the fear of damaging the nose shape.

For those with oily skin, blackheads, and whiteheads (closed comedones) appearances are unavoidable as the nose will always be under a layer of enclosed dressing.

3. Unlogical diet after rhinoplasty

Many do not care too much about their daily diet or believe that they should only limit the consumption of scar-causing food. However, the limited amount of fiber and water intake can affect liver function, causing it to function incorrectly. Your skin, in a way, will also be affected, leading to the occurrence of the acne condition of the nose.

Does ance appearance after rhinoplasty dangerous?

Having acne after rhinoplasty is a very normal thing regardless of the body’s condition. This problem will subside once the splint is taken off and antibiotics intake is ceased.

However, if pustule and cyst appear on the nose then you must return to the cosmetic facility for diagnosis as the root of this type of acne tends to go deep within the nasal cavity. If the acne pop at the root, the pus will not leak out onto the skin but rather go inside the cavity, causing infection.

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Should you have blackheads and acne removal after rhinoplasty or not?

Many patients worry about having acne on their nose after rhinoplasty that they decide to pop the acne by themselves. However, if you do this on the area of the dorsal, the nose shape will be directly affected, causing the dorsum to deviated when the nose is not in a stable position.

Moreover, many when popping ance do not clean their hands properly, raising the risk of nasal infection or unwanted complications as the wound and sutures are still not yet recovered.

Normally, you can use the blackheads peel mask or ance cream on the nose after 1 or 2 months as this milestone is when the new cartilage material has become stable. Any treatment earlier than this period can cause allergy and irritation. To put it shortly, you should not have acne removal after rhinoplasty.

Acne Removal After Rhinoplasty

How to take care of your nose after rhinoplasty to avoid acne

To limit the risk of having acne on the nose and your whole face, you should “cool” your body by eating a lot of vegetables and fruit and drink plenty of water every day. At the same time, you must maintain your nasal and facial sanitary correctly a properly to get rid of all the dust, ventilate the glands, and thus limit the odd of having acne.

You should not be too worried if only blackheads and whiteheads appear on the nose as these types of acne do not affect the nose medically. You can leave them be until the nose shape has become stable. However, if the acne types are cyst and pustule, you should go back to the cosmetic facility to let the doctor examine and treat it. Do not remove them by force using your hands as it will not be good for your nose shape and the surgical area.

Acne Removal After Rhinoplasty

We hope that the information above will help you to understand the reason why acne appears and should you have acne removal after rhinoplasty or not. Regardless, you should still have yourself a logical daily routine and skincare to improve the skin of your nose in particular and of your face in general.

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