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5 Notes To Keep In Mind After Abdomen Liposuction

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After liposuction, the new body shows great improvement and becomes more beautiful. However, try to avoid excitement to remember the doctor’s advice about the caring period after abdomen liposuction. Because besides the surgery, postoperative care is also an extremely important step to help you improve your body shape and avoid the risk of possible risks.

For further details, please refer to the following article to learn more about what you need to do after abdomen liposuction!


1. Proper resting plan

Doing exercises, walking, and sleeping well at a reasonable time (8 hours of sleep per day) will help your body’s recovery better.

However, you need to avoid stressing yourself too much… because it can be very dangerous for your recovery.

Abdomen Liposuction
Notes To Keep in Mind After Abdomen Liposuction

2. Having a proper and scientific diet to ensure your health and body shape

It is essential to understand that if you do not take care of your body and follow the notes after having abdomen liposuction carefully. Everything you have gone through after having liposuction will become useless, it also can cause many serious consequences such as leaving bad scars, body damage, pus, bleeding, or toxic …

In addition, to keep your body healthy and recover quickly, you also need to eat more foods rich in protein such as pork, fish, and whole milk; vitamins found in fruit; green vegetables…

Absolutely avoiding food that can cause scarring including water spinach, chicken, beef, sticky rice, seafood, egg white…

You also need to abstain from sweets – because sweets can make you gain weight easily. Accordingly, you need to avoid eating cakes, cookies, bubble teas, and processed foods with a lot of sugar…

The carbonated drinks (or soft drinks) you also need to avoid to prevent fat accumulation such as coke, pepsi, fanta, sting, 7up… You also need to avoid stimulants and alcoholic drinks such as alcohol, beer, tobacco…

Consuming too much starch will cause fat to form and accumulate faster. Therefore, you must limit the following products from your diet such as rice, bread, baguette, noodles, vermicelli, pho,…

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3. Proper hygiene of the abdomen areas

You need to change the dressing and thoroughly clean the liposuction areas and disinfect them with cotton. You also need to take the medicine exactly as prescribed by the doctor to prevent infection.

4. Wearing latex compression

Wearing a latex compression exactly as instructed by the doctor is an extremely important step to achieving the best result. Because at this time, after removing excess fat below the skin layer, the areas that hold the inner layer of visceral cells and the skin layer need to adhere to each other strongly, Thereby speeding up the recovery process and shaping the abdomen well.
Abdomen Liposuction
Notes To Keep in Mind After Abdomen Liposuction

5. Take the follow-up visits as scheduled

One thing that you must not forget, is taking the follow-up visits after 7 or 10 days as well as other appointments as scheduled by the doctor. These appointments are for the doctor to closely monitor the recovery process as well as to recognize the abnormality (if any) to the wound on your body so that timely treatment can be given.


1. Avoid strong contact with the liposuction areas

Strong contacts not only make the recovery process take longer but can also lead to quite serious risks such as swelling, bleeding, necrosis, etc. Special attention is required in this regard.

2. Sleep before 11 P.M

Sleeping before 11 P.M is an undoubtedly important criterion for any person and more than that for those who are undergoing postoperative care. Sleeping and resting are very important to help your recovery process goes better.

3. Avoid doing intense exercises and playing sport

One of the notes to keep in mind after having abdomen liposuction is that you need to avoid exercising or doing heavy work – which can impact the liposuction area. However, you should also do some light exercises… to help your blood circulate well and cell regeneration. Thereby shortening the recovery time.
Abdomen Liposuction
Notes To Keep in Mind After Abdomen Liposuction


Strictly following the instructions after liposuction is the key to making your recovery process go smoothly and better.

Accordingly, your recovery process will be as follows:

  • 1 – 2 days after liposuction

During this time, you’ll know if the surgery is effective and safe or not. Hence, you need to pay close attention. At this time, your abdomen has clearly improved but the wound has not healed. We advise you to rest, walk carefully, and avoid strong contact as well as abstain from bathing that might let water get into the open wound area.

Read more: Wearing a latex compression after liposuction

You may experience mild swelling of the skin, discharge, and a slight stinging sensation in the liposuction areas at this point. But rest assured, because it is just a very natural response of the body after surgery. Just a few days later, these symptoms should go away.

  • After 5 – 7 days

Swelling may persist, but by this time the general feeling of numbness has subsided a lot. According to Dr. Park Sung Yong (Currently working at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital), you should keep on wearing a latex compression during this time to maintain the shape of your body after liposuction. You may feel bloated at first, but gradually, when your abdomen is in shape, everything will become more comfortable.

  • After from 10 – 20 days

After 10 – 20 days, you will no longer feel any pain in the liposuction area and you can return to normal activities. However, you must not forget to take a follow-up visit as scheduled by your doctor. Because the follow-up visits will help the doctor to monitor your condition better and give timely treatment for any problems that arise.

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  • After from 1 – 3 months

From about 1 month later, the recovery process will go very quickly. People with good health conditions, their bodies show very good signs of improvement. After this time, you can confidently wear any type of clothes you like.


Choosing a good cosmetic facility to have liposuction can determine your body shape after surgery and how the recovery process goes… Therefore, you must find a reputable cosmetic hospital to have liposuction.

It’s obvious that everyone likes to be more beautiful – especially women because being beautiful is their privilege. And this is what makes the liposuction market more and more popular than ever. However, unlicensed and illegal facilities start appearing and causing trouble and confusion to customers.

As one of the top and most prestigious cosmetic facilities, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital Hospital has been giving the top services and most flawless beauty to thousands of women. With advanced liposuction technology from Korea, “Lipo Ultrasound” technology has been chosen by most customers to improve their body shapes.

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Coming to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we have the top 5-star standard beauty services. Every beauty procedure is performed by the most highly qualified and well-trained doctors from abroad.

We greatly invest in state-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment as well as constantly update the latest beauty trends and methods. Every year, our doctors are invited by leading beauty organizations in the world such as the US, Japan, Korea, and Europe… to attend seminars and conferences on scientific research on aesthetics. Thereby contributing to Gangwhoo’s reputation and quality day by day.

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A successful liposuction procedure is wonderful. However, you also need to strictly care for your body after liposuction to avoid unwanted risks and complications. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance from our specialists!

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