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9D Meliora Brow Sculpting – Top 1 Brow Shaping Technology

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9D Meliora brow sculpting is a perfect choice for those who have short, sparse, and pale eyebrows. 9D Meliora brow sculpting is the most advanced eyebrow sculpting technology nowadays, which helps you own the most natural and perfect eyebrows. Let’s refer the following article for further details!
9D Meliora Brow Sculpting - The Top Brow Shaping Technology (Top Trending 2021)
9D Meliora Brow Sculpting – The Top Brow Shaping Technology (Top Trending 2021)

What is 9D Meliora brow sculpting?

9D Meliora brow sculpting is a method of shaping the most perfect eyebrows by applying advanced and modern techniques. After the procedure, you will have the most flawless, natural, and beautiful eyebrows ever.

If you are looking for a way to improve your eyebrow, this is the best for you.

The advantages of 9D Meliora brow sculpting

9D Meliora brow sculpting is considered the most advanced technique of brow shaping nowadays. With this method, customers will have outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Giving the most natural and realistic eyebrows and without any flaws like other sculpting techniques.
  • 9D Meliora brow sculpting can be applied to correct short, sparse, and pale eyebrows. After the procedure, customers will have the most flawless and beautiful eyebrows.
  • Using specialized sculpting devices to minimize the pain, swelling, and bleeding.
  • Giving younger and livelier eyebrows.
  • The 9D Meliora brow sculpting technology can be applied to both men and women.

The 9D Meliora brow sculpting procedure

A standard 9D Meliora brow sculpting must be as follows:

Step 1: Examination

Our beautician will examine the customer’s eyebrow condition, the suggest the most suitable method. The new eyebrows depend greatly on the customer’s bias, hair color, facial appearance, and skin color.

Step 2: Disinfection

Disinfect the tools to ensure the customer’s safety.

Step 3: Anesthesia

Anesthetize the brow areas about 15-30 minutes before proceeding to the 9D Meliora brow sculpting to ensure the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

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Step 4: Start the 9D Meliora brow sculpting

The beautician will use specialized devices to spray the ink to the brow areas. All the steps must be carried out perfectly to ensure the best result.

Step 5: Post-operative care

It is essential for the customer to follow the specialist’s instructions and carefully take care of their new eyebrow to ensure they will recover fast.

Brow sculpting price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Service Price (VND) Discounted price

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Multi-Line Brow Sculpting


Sculpture Revision (Mildly Damaged Brow)


Meliora 9D Brow Sculpting


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Why should you have 9D Meliora brow sculpting at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Nowadays, there are a lot of cosmetic facilities that provide 9D Meliora brow sculpting services. However, not all advertisements say true words. Lots of customers, unfortunately, have damaged eyebrows after having low-quality beauty services.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the few cosmetic hospitals that offer top-quality 9D Meliora brow sculpting. Moreover, Gangwhoo also has talented beauticians who have years of experience in their field.

We have successfully performed thousands of 9D Meliora brow sculpting for customers. Using genuine ink material from natural ingredients, the final results can last for a long time.

We have state-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment to ensure the best services for customers.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the 9D Meliora brow sculpting service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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