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5 Things Women Need to Know Before Having Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

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PNO – There are lots of breast augmentation methods nowadays, but why is the endoscopic breast augmentation the most interested and chosen method by women? Through the following 5 things, the breast cosmetic specialist will tell you all about this breast augmentation method.

Sexier breasts with the endoscopic breast augmentation
Sexier breasts with the endoscopic breast augmentation

What is endoscopic breast augmentation? How is it performed?

This breast augmentation method involves putting the breast implant into the body through the breast line, armpit area, areola with a very small endoscopic incision. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the trend of endoscopic armpit breast augmentation is more and more popular among customers. Because this method can effectively hide scars after surgery, it is covered in the folds of the armpit. On top of that, through the armpit line, the breast implant can be easily inserted by applying modern endoscopic methods.

By applying specialized endoscopic equipment, only a small incision (from 1-1.5cm) hidden in the armpit folds. Then the doctor shall insert the breast implant by using a device with a micro camera, with the image magnifying technology up to 10 times to easily prevent bleeding, avoid damaging the blood vessels, affect muscle tissue, or cause infection. Because of less bleeding, the endoscopic breast augmentation method minimizes the risks of getting capsular contracture after surgery, the process of dissection and placement of implants takes place quickly, gently, and does not invade the surrounding areas.

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What are the advantages of endoscopic breast augmentation?

Breasts are the beauty and pride of women, but they always change over stages, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many women after having 1-2 children have suffered significant wrinkled breast skin, sagging breasts …

If you also fall into this situation, you have a breast augmentation method. This method helps to maintain the natural, smooth, round, and well-proportioned breast shape with the body. Customers will not feel any pain during and after surgery. In particular, the technique of implanting behind the muscle ensures the safety and preserve the function of the mammary glands, areola, and nipples, and does not cause numbness, loss of sensation, or does not affect the mammary gland and breastfeeding.

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What are the safe and common breast implants nowadays?

Among the prestigious breast implants on the market today, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital uses flexible breast implants with authentic origin and approved by the FDA. The endoscopic breast augmentation involves using super soft breast implants, high adhesion, 5 times anti-prolapse, flexible breast shape according to body movements, ensuring your normal love life with your partner. Full control of problems if any through the microchip.

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Does breast augmentation affect married life, or how you raise a child?

Depending on the care and natural health of each person, the recovery process will be different. However, it usually takes about a week for the incision to heal. At this time, customers can have a normal married life.

In terms of raising your child, the armpit breast augmentation method does not affect the mammary gland tissue, so the possibility of complications is low, which prevents infection of the mammary gland tissue or mammary gland blockage. The endoscopic breast augmentation method will help prevent scarring, affecting the mother and baby, the doctor advises customers to get pregnant after 1 year of breast augmentation.

Who should choose endoscopic breast augmentation?

Endoscopic breast augmentation surgery is safe for women who are 18 years old and older. However, there are two ideal times to have breast augmentation: at the age of 25 and after giving birth.

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The endoscopic breast augmentation method improves defects such as:

  •  Small, flat chest: mammary glands develop disproportionately with the body.
  •  Asymmetrical breasts: the size of the two breasts is not equal.
  •  Mildly sagging breasts: Due to the aging process, the chest muscles start to have slight sagging.

People without medical diseases such as anemia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, etc.

People who are no longer breastfeeding for at least 5 months.

In addition, the endoscopic breast augmentation technique can also be applied to men who want to change their gender. Even ordinary men can have breast augmentation to have more manly chest muscles.

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