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5 Bruises Home Remedies After Having Eyelid Surgery

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After having eyelid surgery, depending on the physical condition of each person, a few postoperative complications may occur. Among them, swelling is the most common one. In the following article, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital would like to share the most effective bruises home remedies after surgery.


According to cosmetologists, bruised eyelids are a completely natural response of the body after being impacted. Furthermore, bruises after surgery can be caused by other factors such as:

  • Inexperienced doctors who’ve overdone the eyelid surgery with the wrong technique.
  • The different physical conditions of each person.
  • Post-operative care after eyelid surgery.

Most severe signs of bruises are within 48 – 72 hours after surgery. 5 days after the surgery, the bruises will disappear.

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The detailed recovery process after eyelid surgery is as follows:

  • Stage 1: 1 to 2 days after the surgery, there would be red bruises with mild pain.
  • Stage 2: 3 days later the red bruises will turn purple and there shall be no pain. You can open your eyes widely because the swellings have reduced.
  • Stage 3: After 5 to 10 days, the hemoglobin is broken down. The purple bruises will start to turn light yellow.
  • Stage 4: After 10 to 14 days, the bruises will turn blurred brown and disappear. For those whose good physical condition, the bruises will disappear faster.

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For the bruises in the eyelids to disappear, you can apply various methods. However, to not affect the recovery time, you must not exert a strong impact on the eye area. Here are the best bruises home remedies after eyelid surgery.

1. Apply ice compresses

It can be said that applying ice compresses is the easiest method. Ice has the effect of constricting blood vessels, reducing swelling and pain, so applying ice compresses will help reduce swelling and bruising, enhance the recovery process after eyelid surgery.


  • Put small ice cubes in a bag.
  • Cover the bruises with a thin towel, then apply the ice bag on top.
  • Apply for 5 minutes then stop for 10 – 15 minutes for a new ice bag.


Avoid applying ice directly to the bruises because the melting ice can cause infection to the wound.

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Applying ice compresses
Applying ice compresses

2. Apply warm compresses

If applying ice compresses does not work, you can apply a warm compress instead. The process is very simple, you just need to take a warm towel and apply it to the bruise to enhance blood circulation and dissolve the bruises. You should not apply hot compresses because it can cause mild burning, redness, and affects the eye area.
Apply warm compresses
Apply warm compresses

3. Doing massage sessions

Eye massage exercises have the effect of enhancing blood circulation and reducing swelling, thereby gradually dissolving the bruises in the eyelids well. For example, massage around the eyes (massage around the eyes in a clockwise direction, then reverse-clockwise direction), gently rub from the position of the upper eyelid to the temple, then change the position of the lower eyelid to the temple.
Applying massage sessions
Applying massage sessions

4. Increase vitamin C intake

We’ve always known that vitamin C enhances the immune system. However, you may not know yet, it also helps to dissolve bruises. You can increase vitamin C by eating strawberries, grapefruit or taking vitamin C tablets.
Increase vitamin C intake
Increase vitamin C intake

5. Rest well and have proper meals

From 3 to 5 days, after surgery, let your eyes rest completely and at the same time avoid activities that put pressure on your eyelids such as gymnastics, dancing, etc. When you go to bed, you should lie on your back.

On the first few days after eyelid surgery, you may not see clearly. This is due to the effect of the ointment that was used earlier. The medicine will help moisturize your eyes and prevent them from being dried. Therefore, stay calm and avoid taking medicines that the doctor has not yet approved.

In addition, you must avoid eating foods that cause festering. Some foods that need to be avoided are water spinach, chicken,… Increase intake of fiber, vitamins B, A,… In addition, to avoid body dehydration, drink enough water every day.

Avoid wearing makeup in the first 2 weeks because this is a sensitive period, the eyes can be easily irritated. If you want to apply cream, consult your doctor first.


Although bruises on the eyelids can be dissolved, you should pay attention to the following issues to avoid bruises recurrence.

– Keep your eyes clean: This is a way to keep your eyes healthy, have good resistance, and avoid plenty of eye diseases.

– Avoid strong impacts to the eyes: Collisions, external impacts are the cause of the bruises on the eyelid, so be very careful, avoid objects that can affect your eyes.

– Follow the recovery care after undergoing eyelid surgery. If you undergo eyelid surgery, … you must always follow the recovery care regimen of the doctor so that the bruises in the eyelid can be quickly removed.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about bruises home remedies after undergoing eyelid surgery. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful advice and guidance.

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