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4 Signs of Damaged Cartilage Nose Lift: Causes & Remedies

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Cartilage nose lift is a popular cosmetic surgery that promises safety and effectiveness in preventing complications. However, some people may experience problems with their cartilage nose lift and need to act quickly to find out the causes and solutions. 

Cartilage Nose Lift

Signs that your nose lift has failed

 Everyone wants to have a slender, elegant nose after a nose lift, and avoid any unwanted complications. However, not 100% of customers who want a cartilage nose lift can succeed, and in some cases, complications may occur. Here are 4 signs of a failed cartilage nose lift  that Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital wants to share with you:

Redness at the tip of the nose after lifting

Hedness at the tip of the nose is the first sign of a complication that Gangwhoo wants to warn you about. Since this is a common phenomenon after a nose lift, very few people pay attention to it. However, you should be careful because normally, if the redness lasts for only 1-3 days, it is considered normal. But if the tip of your nose is red for 5-7 days, you should reconsider because this could be a warning sign of a failed cartilage nose lift. As time goes by, the complication will become more evident in the swelling and lumpiness of the tip of your nose. You can clearly see the capillaries inside.

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cartilage nose lift

Crooked nose

This is a common situation after a nose lift due to improper shaping of the cartilage material. When looking straight from the front, you will see that the bridge of your nose is tilted to one side, making your nose look unbalanced and affecting your aesthetics. If not corrected soon, it will cause breathing difficulties in the long term.

The time to detect a crooked nose is usually after removing the bandage, because it is very hard to notice before. Therefore, after removing the bandage, you should pay attention to observe your nose from different angles and make sure that it is not crooked before you feel relieved.

Cartilage nose lift failed due to exposed ear cartilage

Ear cartilage is taken from the customer’s own body, so it is very unlikely to expose. However, a failed cartilage nose lift due to exposed ear cartilage can occur if the cartilage is not placed in the right position, which can cause the nose to bend or twist, not only affecting the aesthetics on the face but also causing pain, soreness and more seriously leading to necrosis of the nose.

Exposed nasal bridge

Exposed nasal bridge is a serious complication of a failed cartilage nose lift, specifically due to a problem with the nose lift technique, inaccurate cutting of cartilage in size, too thin skin,… The easiest way to recognize is that the nasal implant is tight, you can clearly see this phenomenon with your naked eye. More seriously, the cartilage implant can also protrude and bulge up looking very scary.

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Signs of inflammation after a nose lift

Infection is a rare phenomenon after a cartilage nose lift, but it can still occur and seriously affect the health of the body. It can be easily recognized through:

  • The tip of your nose is swollen, red and has small blisters at the tip of your nose, then spreads gradually to both sides of your nostrils.
  • After a few days of infection, there will be black spots around the wound area, and continuous fluid secretion.

If this situation is not handled in time, it can easily lead to necrosis of the nose, the most serious sign of a failed cartilage nose lift. With this situation, the best solution is to reconstruct the entire shape of the nose with the intervention of a new method.

cartilage nose lift


Causes of a failed nose lift

The causes of a failed cartilage nose lift mostly stem from the fact that you unfortunately encounter an untrustworthy cosmetic facility, an unprofessional doctor, a cartilage material that does not meet quality requirements or is affected by other factors. More specifically, many customers who have had a nose lift or a nose repair have failed due to the following reasons:

  • Illegal cosmetic facilities, operating without a license from the Ministry of Health
  • Cosmetic facilities are not specialized in nose lift. not qualified to perform surgeries on nose lift, repair failed nose
  • Doctors have poor skills, are not proficient in their profession and do not know how to handle problems arising during surgery
  • Doctors lack technique in aligning the position of cartilage placement, cutting cartilage in wrong size, aligning the angle of the nose,…
  • The process of performing a nose lift with too much invasive rate
  • After surgery, if customers do not follow the proper care regimen, avoid activities as instructed by the doctor, they still have the risk of causing a failed cartilage nose lift.

cartilage nose lift


How to deal with a failed cartilage nose lift

In case of nose infection

Remove the artificial cartilage material, treat the wound that is in an infected state. The doctor will proceed to change the new cartilage material for the nose bridge and cover the tip of the nose with autologous cartilage material.

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In case of crooked nose

The doctor will proceed to correct this complication by adding new filler material to the position below the bone membrane, then aligning it to make the nose bridge symmetrical again.

In case of exposed or sagging bridge

For cases of failed cartilage nose lift 

with the phenomenon of exposed bridge, re-surgery is the best measure to improve as there have been complications. The doctor will fix it by removing the old cartilage and after a period of time when the nose wound has stabilized, start to fix it again.

In this case, it is necessary to reconstruct the shape of the nose with autologous cartilage to limit later complications.

How to take care after surgery to correct cosmetic nose complications

Avoid bumping into the nose area for at least 1 month after lifting. Do not let the wound come into contact with water in the early time after surgery. Should clean the nose area daily with physiological saline or diluted salt water. Should avoid foods that can cause allergies and affect the healing process of wounds. Supplement more nutrients and vitamin C from fruits to speed up wound recovery:

  • Avoid bumping into the nose area for at least 1 month after lifting.
  • Do not let the wound come into contact with water in the early time after surgery.
  • Should clean the nose area daily with physiological saline or diluted salt water.
  • Should avoid foods that can cause allergies and affect the healing process of wounds.
  • Supplement more nutrients and vitamin C from fruits to speed up wound recovery.

How long after a failed nose lift can it be fixed?

If you notice signs of a damaged nose after a cartilage nose lift, such as those mentioned above, the first thing you should do is contact a reputable doctor for a timely examination and consultation on the best solution.

According to nose lift experts, for cases of damaged cartilage nose lift, the first step is to remove the cartilage and let the wound heal before performing another nose lift or nose correction to avoid further complications.

The ideal time suggested by doctors for nose correction is usually from 3 to 6 months, when the injuries have healed. However, in more severe cases of damaged nose, the waiting time for nose correction may be longer.

Does nose correction cost extra? 

After a damaged cartilage nose lift, customers will have to pay extra for nose correction. However, this price is usually lower than the cost of the first nose lift. The specific cost will depend on the hospital or facility that customers choose.

Does cartilage ear nose lift cause cartilage sagging?

Cartilage sagging is one of the complications that many people worry about after a cartilage nose lift. Although this is a safe method, it can cause cartilage sagging due to incorrect manipulation or use of poor quality cartilage by the doctor.

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cartilage nose lift


Reputable and safe address for cartilage nose lift and nose correction

For customers who have had a damaged cartilage nose lift or want to have a nose lift at a reputable and safe address. With a team of experienced Vietnamese – Korean experts and advanced nose lift techniques, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital  aims for a standard and safe – effective nose lift process, bringing a new beautiful nose shape for customers.

Many customers who are victims of damaged cartilage nose lift have come to Gangwhoo with the desire to completely overcome the unfortunate defects they encountered. For customers who are facing this problem, the hospital always understands and focuses on and strives to correct complications so that customers can be more confident and erase all inferiority complexes.

For services such as nose correction, difficult nose cases, deformities due to congenital or accidents, … will be directly handled by cosmetic nose specialists with over 10 years of experience in examination and re-surgery.

If you are worried about pain when performing nose correction, you can rest assured with the breakthrough in nose correction through AI X-Ray imaging technology  that Gangwhoo is applying. This technology will help customers quickly identify the defective nose structure, thereby quickly correcting the defects and overcoming the complications. Moreover, the images taken from the system will help doctors easily identify the position to intervene and avoid the surrounding areas.

In addition, for sensitive nose problems, the hospital pays attention to sterilizing and replacing tools regularly to ensure safety for customers’ health.

Before – after images of customers performing “rebirth of damaged nose” at Gangwhoo

cartilage nose lift


If you have any symptoms of suspicion about  “damaged cartilage nose lift”, you should go to a reputable hospital as soon as possible for doctors to evaluate the situation and give timely solutions. Or to know exactly the best solution, please contact the Hotline 0901.666.879 for the fastest support from the leading experts at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

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