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3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying – For The Magical Eyebrows

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A 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying is a new cosmetic method that is widely used in Vietnam. This technology pertains to many great advantages that make up for the traditional method which would help you to own attractive natural eyebrows.

Phun Ombre Hiệu Ứng 3D
3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying

What is the 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying procedure?

If the outdated technology makes use of the combination of brow powder and spraying technique, the 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying is the advanced method of the most professional experts. In short, your brows will be transformed from being pale to naturally dark and harmonious.

The 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying is applied in many different cases in order to form aesthetic masterpieces. In cosmetics, this technology has once again proved itself as it brings about sharp and natural-looking brows.

When performing this method, the specialists will make use of a specialized tattoo spraying machine to create suitable brows for the face. The eyebrows will be transformed from being pale to dark from the beginning to the end without causing them to be discolored.

Phun Ombre Hiệu Ứng 3D Mang Lại Dáng Mày Ngài
3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying – Brings about the moth eyebrows

The advantages of a 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying procedure

Making use of advanced technology, the 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying is considered to bring about natural beauty for the ladies. Here are some of its great benefits:

  • Bring about natural and attractive eyebrows. Create smooth and harmonious eyebrows to the face.
  • Use quality color to make sure the color tone is sharp and lasting. Guarantee the safeness of the material that causes no allergy.
  • Require only a quick and gentle procedure that creates no discomfort or pain like other traditional methods.
  • Offer a lasting result. The longevity of its can be between 3 to 5 years (depends on the body and skin condition, as well as the personal care).
Phun Ombre Hiệu Ứng 3D Mang Lại Dáng Mày Chuẩn Phong Thủy
3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying – Suit your feng shui in the best way

The Standard Brow Spraying procedure

Step 1: Consultation

The client will express their cosmetic need. This information will be noted by the specialists. At the same time, they will also inspect the brows shape and other things like skin color and nature, hair color, the shape of the face, etc., and offer the guest the most optimal cosmetic solution.

Step 2: Meticulous marking

Before the marking process, the specialist will consult the customer on their desired and suitable brows. They then will mark the new brows based on the previous evaluations. This is done to make sure that the new brows are harmonious to the face.

Step 3: Anesthesia

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Although this procedure only gently affects the outermost layer of the skin of the brow, the specialist will still have to make sure the process is as comfortable as possible. This not only helps to make the procedure becomes much easier to handle but also ensures that the spraying happens quickly and precisely.

Step 4: 3d Effect Ombre Brow Spraying

The brows skin, as well as the equipment that is going to be used, will be disinfected. Next, microneedles will be inserted into the skin area as the predetermined shape. Each action taken in this step has to be very gentle and precise.

Step 5: Post-operative care

Once the most important process is done, the specialists will thoroughly clean the skin area around the new brows. At the same time, they will examine the result to ensure that it is correct. The client will be provided with home care, diet, and self-hygiene guidance.

Spraying and Sculpting price list at Gangwhoo (VND)

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Heaven Powder Brow Spraying 2,000,000
3D Effect Ombre Brow Straying 4,000,000
Perfect Particles Brow Spraying 5,000,000
Shading Luxury Brow Spraying 6,000,000
Physiognomy Brow Spraying 8,000,000
Faded Ink Correction 6,000,000
Brow Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
Brow Revision 10,000,000
Upper Lid Spraying 2,800,000
Lower Lid Spraying 2,000,000
Diamond Lip Spraying 5,000,000
Pink Smile Lip Spraying 5,000,000
TBG Microneedles Lip Spraying 10,000,000
Nano Lippi Lip Spraying 7,000,000
Lip Lightening 5,000,000
Nipple Lightening 8,000,000
Multi-Line Brow Sculpting 3,000,000
Sculpting Revision (For little damaged eyebrow) 6,000,000
9D Meliora Brow Sculpting 6,000,000
Ordill Fiber Sculpting 9,000,000
Sculpting Revision 10,000,000
Phun Ombre Hiệu Ứng 3D Thêm Điểm Nhấn Cho Cửa Sổ Tâm Hồn
3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying – Create the spotlight for your face

Why should you choose the 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

Nowadays, many facilities have applied the 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying into their services. Among those places is Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital with a very high reputation. The reason is that our center possesses many crucial factors:

– Recruited the best and most experienced staff. – These people have successfully performed many brows spraying services and thus have pertained tremendous field experience.

– Possess advanced and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. That said, we still continue to update and apply the latest brows spraying technology to ensure the most aesthetic-looking brows.

– Make use of the quality and lasting color that was proven as safe and complications free.

The procedure is done safely and carefully to limit the amount of pain. Our services make sure that our patients are taken care of both before and after the procedure.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is delighted to share with you the information about the 3D Effect Ombre Brow Spraying. If you want to make the brows look natural and the face to be more attractive, contact Gangwhoo today!

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