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3 Tips Of Caring For Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

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Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about how to clean and care for their noses after rhinoplasty. So how do we clean and care for the nose properly after rhinoplasty to ensure the best result and health? The following article shall give you about this problem. Stay tuned!


Nose infection after rhinoplasty: Lots of customers have encountered this complication, which has the signs including red, swollen nose, bruised nose for a long time, discharge, even bleeding, followed by festering, smelling discharge, contractures, and pain that cause discomfort. During 10 days after surgery, if your nose has the symptoms listed or a similar condition, you should go to a reputable cosmetic hospital or other medical centers for timely treatment.

Deviated nose after rhinoplasty:  Normally, deviated nose after rhinoplasty is normally due to 2 main reasons: the wrong rhinoplasty technique applied – the incorrect position for the rhinoplasty implant. When the nose is subjected to an external force, it causes displacement of the implant. If the nose has just been newly lifted and the sutures have not been removed, then you should be having good treatment after recognizing your nose has deviated.

However, in the case that the nose has been lifted for a long time before it becomes deviated, it is more difficult to handle because there is a capsule formation inside the nose structure that cannot be fixed. It is essential to require surgical intervention to re-adjust the nose bridge to the correct position.

How to care for your nose after rhinoplasty
How to care for your nose after rhinoplasty

Prolonged nose pain and bruising: this is one of the common signs mentioned above, this is also a danger to the health of the customer after rhinoplasty, which needs to be treated in time.

The thin nose tip skin causes dropped nose bridge bringing the risk of necrosis:

This is a very dangerous situation for customers underwent rhinoplasty. The cause may be due to the non-standard implementation of the procedure or the incorrect technique, causing damage to the nose, and causing the nose shape to deform. The nose tip is too thin is also the cause that leads to the risk of necrosis of the nose, in addition, strong movements during surgery also lead to a distorted nose. The process of removing the nasal cartilage can cause damage to the nose and even necrosis if not done properly.

How to properly clean the nose after rhinoplasty
How to properly clean the nose after rhinoplasty

The second cause is possibly due to mistakes during the rhinoplasty procedure: improper disinfection equipment, medical instruments, doctor’s clothes, care process, and nose splint after rhinoplasty, the improper dose of antibiotic prescription…

The third cause: Is due to the customer who does not take care of their nose properly, does not take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor, or due to the natural health condition of the customer.

In addition, there are some other causes such as post-rhinoplasty fever, colds, sore throats, etc. cause bacteria to enter the body, affecting the nose. Or while eating, customers accidentally eat food they are allergic to or due to strong collisions with external force.

How To Care For Your Nose After Rhinoplasty
How To Care For Your Nose After Rhinoplasty
After the surgery, there is bleeding, and red discharge in the nose: these are very abnormal signs dangerous to your health. The cause may be due to the wrong technique applied or the strong impact on the internal structure of the nose, causing the nose to be injured and bleeding. This is a serious case that needs to be treated in time.


How to clean your nose during the first week after rhinoplasty

The first thing to remember is that you need to wash your hands thoroughly to disinfect the incision, you can use Betadine antiseptic solution to wet a cotton pad. Then gently wipe the incision. Next, use physiological saline to clean the incision again.

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If you undergo alar base reduction – rhinoplasty, do the same again at the alar bases of the nose. Soak medical cotton in the physiological saline solution and clean gently the other areas of the nose later.

If the remaining areas on the face are slightly swollen, then gently wipe with a cotton pad.

To avoid infections due to excessive oil secretion on the face, or acne on the face during this time, please apply this method 3 to 4 times a day.

If the doctor uses cosmetic sutures to close the wound, the customer should be scheduled to have suture removal by the doctors. Normally, the customer will for 1 week after the surgery before having the suture removed.

How to clean your nose after rhinoplasty when the incision starts to heal

When the incision starts to heal (from the 2nd week onwards), customers should not be careless while taking care of the incision to avoid infection to the wound. During this time, when going to work or in dusty places, customers should clean the incision carefully with antibacterial medical cotton soaked in physiological saline.

After the suture is removed, use anti-scar cream products regularly for 3-4 weeks. Customers should only use anti-scar cream after cleaning the incision.

Customers should not use antibiotics or other drugs on the incision without the doctor’s permission.

How to clean your nose after rhinoplasty when there are signs of infection

If the incision shows signs of swelling, discharge, and festering, then you should not use traditional tips for treatment. At that time, you should immediately go to the hospital and consult a doctor for treatment, to prevent severe infection that can spread through other skin areas. During this time, you can clean the incision with salt water.
How to clean your nose during the recovery process
How to clean your nose during the recovery process


Proper diets

Customers can have normal diets. When swallowing food, you may still feel difficulty, and at the same time, your sense of smell will also be quite difficult during the first week after surgery. Therefore, you should drink a lot of water to help your body recover better after surgery.

Reasonable resting

You should remember to lie on your back while sleeping, with your head higher than usual, for the first few nights after rhinoplasty. If you are lying on your side, you may have swelling on the left or right side of your nose depending on your lying position.

you should put an ice pack on the splint as well as the between the eyes, day to night before bedtime to prevent bruising in the eyes, and help limit swelling on the nose – face. This method can help you feel more comfortable after surgery.

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After the surgery. you should remember:

  • Do light exercises (walking,…) a lot.
  • Avoid blowing your nose.
  • Avoid running or intense exercise including aerobics.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects (4.5 kgs) including babies.
  • Avoid bending your body and head.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Limit sexual activities.
  • You can wear glasses as long as there is no pressure, rubbing against the nose splint, you can also wear contact lenses. After removing the splint, you should limit the use of glasses; you should choose the lightest glass frames. You should not wear plastic-framed glasses that are too large, which may cause pressure on the nose tip. However, you still feel a little pain in both sides of the nose in the first period after surgery, this can last about 3-4 months.
  • No driving within 24 hours after surgery, in case you are given painkillers which contain narcotics.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about how to take care of your nose after rhinoplasty. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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