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2 Breast Augmentation Methods At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Endoscopic and autologous fat grafting breast augmentation are the 2 methods of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a cosmetic and beauty brand from Korea. For breast augmentation, we provide 2 safe breast augmentation methods to change the breast size for women including endoscopic and autologous fat grafting breast augmentation.

Endoscopic breast augmentation

Endoscopic breast augmentation involves using a specialized endoscopic device capable of magnifying the image of the chest cavity structure on the screen to make the procedure of dissection and implant take place quickly, mildly, and safely.

The advantage of this method is that it does not affect the mammary glands, creating a Y-line breast shape that can last for a long time. In particular, endoscopic breast augmentation can be applied to preserve the maximum aesthetic for the body. Accordingly, this method involves putting the breast implants into the body through the armpits, inframammary, and areola with a very small endoscopic incision.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, endoscopic breast augmentation through the armpit incision is preferred by customers. Accordingly, this method will help avoid scarring or affecting mammary gland tissue, so the risk of complications is low. This method can be applied to avoid infection of mammary gland tissue and mammary ducts.

With diverse breast implants, at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we the Nano Chip (Ergonomix) breast implants from the US. This breast implant has an attached microchip to control problems when something goes wrong. Breast augmentation with Nano Chip Ergonomix implant also helps prevent discharge. In particular, as the name suggests, breast implants have high flexibility, making women comfortable in any position, creating a natural breast shape.

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Autologous fat grafting breast augmentation

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This is a 2-in-1 beauty method, with this method, women can have their excess fat removed as welling as enhancing their breast shape. Accordingly, our doctors will apply Lipo Ultrasound technology to remove fat from the abdomen, thighs… and use quality fat cells through the extraction system. Then implant the fat cells into the breast to change its size.

This is one of the most popular breast augmentation methods because no scars will be left, the used fat is highly compatible because we use the autologous from the customer’s body to reduce the risks of allergies. However, the new breast shape can only last for a short time because after a while the fat will gradually dissolve as well as the customers must have enough excess fat for the surgery.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we apply our exclusive Plus anesthesia technology to ensure customers will not feel any pain during the surgery.

We have highly qualified and experienced doctors who were well-trained in cosmetology, along with state-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment imported from developed countries.

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